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Assemblies for Democracy
Re-imagine Democracy

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Ukrainian miners at Durhum
Condemn the defamation of NUM solidarity with Ukranian Miners

Miners stand together: Statement by NUM – The NUM is disturbed by the smears against our union regarding our approach to the conflict in Ukraine.

John McDonnell

Top-down politics is finished, says McDonnell

The old, top-down style of political party was a thing of the past, shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Croydon Assembly.

Tax credits and the case for a new democratic constitution

Those campaigning for a new, democratic constitution can take heart from the fact that the present one is crumbling in front of our eyes.

Jeremy Corbyn
How a united front can remove the Tories

Dear Jeremy: Your stunning landslide victory in the election for leader of the Labour Party reflects the power of a seismic social movement for democratic change which already reverberates far beyond Westminster.

Magna CartaWanted: A Magna Carta for the 21st century

The attacks on the rule of law and access to justice – two key principles of the Magna Carta – by successive governments should lead us to rethink the existing relationship between the state and citizens and then to reimagine democracy.
By Paul Feldman.

Global economic crisis video
The global economic crisis

In these 2 videos, Gerry Gold explains how a toxic mixture of deflation and an increasing build up of debt is driving the global capitalist economy to a new crisis. Part 2: How the economic crisis points to the possibilities of a transition beyond capitalism.

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