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Fracking Capitalism 2nd edition

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Assemblies can put real democracy on the map

By Paul Feldman

The Tories’ proposals that only MPs with seats in England should vote on laws that relate solely to England is more than just a political manoeuvre that they calculate will bring them electoral advantage over Labour.

Their plan is a further indication of the break-up of the current political arrangements. These are under immense strain from a range of internal and external processes which together constitute the end of democracy – at least as we have come to know it.


Naomi Klein This Changes Everything
Capitalism at war with the planet

Naomi Klein makes a passionate argument for direct action globally against the fossil fuel giants and for a transformation to safe, renewable generation of energy. Review by Peter Arkell.

Occupy Democracy
Creating a space for democracy

A novel message as Santa's helpers serenade mother-of-parliaments with eco-carols.

Photo and video report from AWTW's roving reporters.

Singing for Inanna
Ancient and modern

Singing for Inanna offers an astounding glimpse into the world of ancient myth and how it remains omnipresent.

Review by Robbie Griffiths and Corinna Lotz.

Irish water protest
Explosion of anger in Ireland over water charges

About 100,000 people assembled in front of the Irish Parliament in protest at the imposition of water charges. Eyewitness report from Frank Hayes in Dublin.

3 Winters
History comes back to bite you

Croatia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia are making a rich contribution to contemporary culture, especially theatre and film. Thanks to the National Theatre, we can see for ourselves.

Osborne’s declaration of war on the people

The cuts to government spending over the next five years will significantly exceed those made in the last five. Be warned: the austerity we’ve seen so far was only the warm-up for the main event.

Gerry Gold reports

Russell Brand
Thanks, Russell, for pushing the door open

Corinna Lotz has just finished reading Revolution by Russell Brand and she’s written him a letter with her thoughts on the comedian’s new book.

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