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Occupy UAL on march
Occupy UAL students on the march

Photo report by Peter Arkell

Magna Carta
Wanted: A Magna Carta for the 21st century

The attacks on the rule of law and access to justice – two key principles of the Magna Carta – by successive governments should lead us to rethink the existing relationship between the state and citizens and then to reimagine democracy. By Paul Feldman.

Global economic crisis video
The global economic crisis

In these 2 videos, Gerry Gold explains how a toxic mixture of deflation and an increasing build up of debt is driving the global capitalist economy to a new crisis.

Part 2: How the economic crisis points to the possibilities of a transition beyond capitalism.


Child abuse cover-up in interests of ‘national security’

Shocking cases of abuse of working class children by leading political figures and entertainers point to one of the biggest state cover-ups this country has seen.

Special investigation by
Lilian Pizzichini
for A World to Win.

Anthony Green
Everyday adventures

Anthony Green focuses on his many ‘everyday adventures’ which include looking at flowers, having a nap and admiring his wife.

Review by Robin Spalding.

Pissarro Fox Hill
Impressionism and the irresistible rise of the global art market

A 19th century salon, complete with gilded Louis XIV armchairs, painted wall panels, mirrors and objets d’art is the opening space at Inventing Impressionism. How come?

Naomi Klein This Changes Everything
Capitalism at war with the planet

Naomi Klein makes a passionate argument for direct action globally against the fossil fuel giants and for a transformation to safe, renewable generation of energy. Review by Peter Arkell.

Luhansk miners
Ukrainian miners union fights against prohibition

Interview with Mykola Koziuberda, leader of the Independent Union of Miners at the Nikanor Nova mine.

RIC 2014
Rolling back Scotland's “democratic revolution”

Allan Armstrong analyses constitutional developments in the UK and Ireland, in the lead up to the May general election.

FBU rally
Fire minister accused of lying over pensions as firefighters strike

Firefighters’ leader Matt Wrack has accused the government of lying to parliament to force through changes to pensions.

Photo report by Paul Feldman.


Greek voters reignite the flame of democracy

The stunning victory of the anti-austerity Syriza in the Greek general election deepens the existing political crisis in Europe and throws into sharp relief the reactionary policies of Labour and other mainstream parties in the UK.

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