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Fracking Capitalism 2nd edition

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Big Pharma makes you sick

The fact that the UK government alone wasted £473m on a drug for flu that works no better than paracetamol is an expensive example of how Big Pharma can actually harm your health at the taxpayer’s expense rather than improve it.

Game Up LenThe game is up already, Len

Len McCluskey, the leader of the union Unite, is sounding more than a little desperate. His lengthy campaign to influence Labour’s policies has yielded nothing. His latest warning – to cut funding from the party altogether – will predictably have the same result.

Miners Strike Peter Arkell photo
The unfinished business of the miners’ strike

Thirty years ago tens of thousands of miners went on strike in defence of their jobs and communities. To mark this historic strike, we are publishing the introduction to Unfinished Business by Peter Arkell and Ray Rising, who were photographers during the strike, together with some of their amazing photos.

Peoples Inquiry

This People’s Inquiry offers a chance to share ideas and information about the related crises facing humanity. It is open to individuals, campaign groups, trade unions, academics and students. Working together, we can deepen our knowledge and work on solutions.

Climate change has passed a tipping point and extreme weather is just one of the results. The global economic and financial system has entered a renewed, deeper crisis. Anger at the way political systems are corrupted by corporations and lobbyists is at boiling point.

There is worldwide opposition and resistance, but as yet no shared strategy for getting beyond capitalism. Reaching the point where we achieve such a strategy is the main purpose of the inquiry.

We have suggested six areas for the inquiry together with some questions that will help focus our work:


Defend Ukraine's right to self-determination 10 commentscomments

Russia’s occupation of Crimea and the threat to invade other parts of Ukraine on a trumped up pretext, is a reactionary response to a popular uprising for democracy in Kiev and a diversion from serious economic problems confronting the Putin regime.

Veronese – the magnificent

National Gallery’s show reveals Veronese as a fulcrum of the Venetian late Renaissance,
and is surprising, revelatory and humbling.
Review by Robin Richmond.

Russian troops
System failure – both East and West

The Russia-Ukraine conflict expresses in a dramatic way how the old world order is breaking apart at the seams, bringing nationalism and other horrors in its wake.

Ben Selwyn
Exposing the ‘development’ myth

Ben Selwyn’s examines the world economic crisis with its escalating inequalities by asking what we mean by “development” and how its discourse has changed over time. Review by Susan Jappie.

Revolutionary independence – now that's worth fighting for

AWTW contribution to the debate.

Adnan al-Sayegh: Bombs Have not Breakfasted Yet
Iraq – un-redacted

Bombs Have not Breakfasted Yet is a great gift, and not only to poetry lovers. Review by Corinna Lotz.

Left Opposition of UkraineOnly solidarity will save Ukraine!

Statement by the socialist Left Opposition of Ukraine.

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