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Democracy Unchained

Seeds of Bullets

Make 2017 the year of real democracy

By the Real Democracy Movement editorial collective

This will undoubtedly be a decisive year in the struggle for real democracy. The crisis of the system – political and economical – leaves us no choice but to act in an organised, collaborative way to create a different, truly democratic future.

In case there is any doubt about how serious things are, then the fact that climate change has passed a tipping point and has met with inaction on the part of world governments is proof enough that we are in a dangerous political void. Read more...



A World to Win is collaborating with others on a proposal for a new kind of organisation that will focus on democracy, power and the state in making a transition beyond capitalism. A deeper understanding of the issues involved is essential for building a movement that counters the ideologies of war, surveillance, inequality and the ruthless exploitation of nature that drives the climate crisis.

The discussion continues on the Real Democracy Movement website. Why don't you register your support and join in?


Sargent Gassed
The poetry of anti-war resistance – from Wilfred Owen to Adnan al-Sayegh

Adnan al-Sayegh, a leading Iraqi poet living in exile in London, was surprised when he came across a thesis on the Internet, comparing him to Wilfred Owen whose poetry about the horrors of the First World War had done so much to bring the agony of the soldiers and the futility of that war to the public. Review by Peter Arkell.

The untold story of the Cuban revolution

For many, the Cuban Revolution remains a bit of a mystery. How could 80 guerillas led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra seize power? How were a small band of revolutionaries able to land on a deserted beach, re-group in the mountains and eventually march on Havana. Review by Peter Arkell.




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