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John McDonnell

John McDonnell MP
(chair Labour Representation Committee)

Author of Another World is Possible: A manifesto for 21st century socialism see our review

Bill BowringBill Bowring

Professor of Law, human rights lawyer & activist

Ted Knight

Former surcharged Lambeth Council leader and leading Unite trade unionist

Rahila Gupta

Rahila Gupta
Southall Black Sisters

"I think there is a false sense that we have won many of our rights. If you look about you, rights are being eroded right left & centre: whether it's in the 'war against terror'; or whether it's the impact of the mainstreaming of religion on women's rights. Even the rights that we have won feel empty when we remember that they are not available to all - certainly not to that underclass of undocumented migrants who keep the wheels of our society oiled without even, in some cases, the most basic right of all - the right to liberty."

Author Enslaved: The New British Slavery see our review

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HACANJohn Stewart
John Stewart

HACAN Clearskies - The largest voluntary organisation in Europe dedicated to campaign on behalf of those who suffer because of aircraft flight paths.

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Kevin SmithKevin Smith
Carbon Trade Watch

Author of The Carbon Neutral Myth: Offset indulgences for your climate sins - see our review

Grattan Puxon
The Gypsy Council

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NOMADS in Manchester


Nomads are a group of visual artists based in Preston, Lancashire.

"We believe in 'Art as Social Conscience' and therefore express our views and feelings about the major concerns and issues that exist presently in our world today:- Globalisation, Capitalism, War, Corporations, Ecological Disaster, Inequality and Human Rights. We believe that Art can do far more than beautify, decorate, entertain or give pleasure. It can be an inspiration for positive social reform and a medium to communicate the current state of affairs and the urgent need for change."


Andy Benson





A Workshop of Discussion and Action

Venue in Central London
[details to be confirmed]
On Friday, November 7, 2009 from 10.30-4.30.

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Global Women's StrikeGlobal Women's Strike

International network for recognition & payment for all caring work, and the return of military spending to the community starting with women the main carers.

Global Women Strike International Demands:

  • Payment for all caring work - in wages, pensions, land & other resources. What is more valuable than raising children & caring for others? Invest in life & welfare, not military budgets or prisons.
  • Pay equity for all, women & men, in the global market.
  • Food security for breastfeeding mothers, paid maternity leave and maternity breaks.  Stop penalizing us for being women.
  • Don't pay 'Third World debt'.  We owe nothing, they owe us.
  • Accessible clean water, healthcare, housing, transport, literacy.
  • Non-polluting energy & technology which shortens the hours we work. We all need cookers, fridges, washing machines, computers, & time off!
  • Protection & asylum from all violence & persecution, including by family members & people in positions of authority.
  • Freedom of movement. Capital travels freely, why not people?

Some current campaigns:


Peyoti for President


Beppe NiedduTalking Trees


David GooDavid Goo


MarkThe Carbon Town Cryer

time for our movements of resistance to flower