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Punish the poor 1930s style back with a vengeance

Fake data claiming that the majority of those who took part in the recent riots had previous records is behind the government’s plans for a new, punitive regime.

Actually, the figures only show that those who were caught had previous, and since the police have been knocking on the doors of everyone “known” to them in the weeks since the riots, that’s hardly surprising.

Now the Coalition wants to give the courts powers not only to fine people but also to withdraw their benefits or tax credits. Both the government and Labour accept the unsubstantiated claim that a small number of families in every area are the source of most of the problems in society.

They have brought in the architect of New Labour’s “anti-social behaviour orders” or Asbos, Louise Casey, to tell them how to “sort out” these “problem families”. As well as withdrawing benefits, they are looking at evictions, parenting orders, making people work for free in the community, and other measures.

On the basis of unscientific prejudice, teachers are asked to identify children who, whilst not a problem now might BECOME a problem because of what is known about their home circumstances. There is growing pressure on the NHS to abandon the principle of patient confidentiality, so that doctors and district nurses could identify families that MIGHT at some point in the future become “problem families”.

Also to be announced is a proposal that people leaving prison without a job to go to – i.e. almost everyone – will not be given time to find work but be automatically registered on a government “work for benefits” programme.

From next year, everyone unemployed for more than six months will have to either join a “volunteer” work programme or a “work experience” programme, which means, for example, working for a company for 13 weeks for Job Seekers’ Allowance plus £10.

And right now, thousands of sick and disabled people are being forced through a humiliating new testing regime, operated by private companies, in order to prove they are well enough to work – even though there isn’t any work for most of them.

This pretence that the poor and the unemployed are the state’s biggest problem is not new in Britain. History shows that in Britain, the criminalisation and punishment of the poorest people – the unemployed, sick or desperate – is the so-called democratic government’s knee-jerk reaction to economic crisis, and the situation is no different today.

During the 1930s depression, the state was obsessed with the imagined inability of the unemployed to take up work. From 1929 to 1938, thousands of unemployed men were sent to be “reconditioned for work”, with physical exercise and work projects at British Instructional Centres which were, in practice, labour camps.

At the same period the fake science of eugenics was common currency amongst the ruling class and in 1932, the Brock Committee was formed to make recommendations on how “feeble-minded people” in England and Wales could be sterilised. Voluntary sterilisation never got off the ground in Britain – as it did during the same period in the United States – but as a result of so-called “medical” decisions, many hundreds of men and women incarcerated in long-stay hospitals and asylums, were sterilised without their knowledge or consent.

In 1931 the means test was introduced, where government inspectors entered people’s homes and if anything was left worth selling, its value was deducted from their benefit. Cooking pots, chairs, tables, bedding – all were at one time or another classified as unwarranted luxuries.

Housing, education and health workers should refuse to join the Lib-Tory-Labour attack on the poor. They should instead use their skills to work, through local People’s Assemblies, towards an employment, training, housing, education and support system that enables the disadvantaged instead of punishing them for being poor.

Penny Cole
8 September 2011

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Your Say

Dave Payne says:

Take That You (poor) Chump

- and there's more where it came from -

POLITICS is the very administration of our lives and nothing but NOTHING has a bearing upon the populace and ultimately, social order, of anything like the scale of Government policies at the heart of which, its life-blood, is the taxation system which has always facilitated a flow of wealth to a few at the expense of the many and in modern times has run amok. Punishment of the poor starts here.

If the most tolerant amongst you feel that on top of everything else, a ‘winter-welcome’ of a near 20% hike in both gas & electricity prices finally evidences your Government is T.T.Pss. - get a blanket, for this latest grab-at-your-bag is but a chilly front to a storm of insult to which your ‘accommodation’ presents an open-door.

They say for most, we don’t react until we are personally affected but something utterly weird in the British persona has manifest itself, as with a sleight-of-hand, Authority has turned us on our backs like mesmerised chickens and plucks our feathers ready for their table without a twitch. We are accepting an organised scheme of privation tantamount to theft, orchestrated by (like or lump the term) The Ruling Elite, aimed at protecting established wealth at the unbearable expense of those who have little or nothing they can afford to lose.

If you are one who has been too pre-occupied, tolerant, timid or just plain confused, consider the list below which is by no means comprehensive, then take a breath and look this devil straight-in-the-eye, the fact that your Government is after all that, allowing energy suppliers to hit you this winter with a £1 in £5 increase in energy costs so that the oil companies can rub their hands at record profits while you rub yours against the cold. The disdain of these paid representatives (we pay them to represent us), in inflicting such an undisguised lashing on the already flayed body of public welfare truly beggars belief. It is literally ‘the more you take, the more you will get’ – that is wealth for the already rich and punishment for the already poor. The psychology is that of the bully and is transparent – let him intimidate you and you will empower him to dominate you further until you are crushed, his dysfunctional greed a blind and automaton drive.

If someone lifted your small change, then notes from your wallet, then accessed your bank account for your freshly deposited salary, would you just stand by as your car was ‘nicked’ off the drive. What does it take for Mr & Mrs Average UK citizen to get livid, for expressed and irrepressible rage is the only thing that will stop this assault and robbery.

Off the top of my head (you daren't add it all up) –

* Employment contracts ripped-up so as to (heavily) reduce wages.
* Nationwide jobs cull.
* VAT increased to 20%.
* Local services killed off (libraries etc)
* Tuition fees deceitfully introduced by labour now flung to £9,000 a year.
* Pensions eviscerated while contributions go up (just the beginning, be sure).
* Water Rates rising 6% year-on-year.
* Crippling motor fuel costs because of massive duties.
* Banks still thieving relentlessly (mortgages 4.5% when base-rate is 0.5%) – they have NEVER made so much money and are screwing helpless (often innumerate) customers with penalties, behind the scenes, with continued impunity.
*Inflation over 5% while wages stagnate.
* A reported 40% hike in car insurance on.
* Never mind such petty savings as in removing a free swim for the over 60s – at what cost to health and the NHS?

Add your own – the list is endless – and (just the latest) a truly contemptuous 20% on NRG just in case all the other spiteful 'pinches' somehow didn't hurt.

Had enough yet? – well call me sour if you like, but the ministerial-moan that the 50% tax rate on those with money to waste, really must go because it will ‘upset’ them, a gesture as desultory as flicking the crumbs from a napkin, is just a condiment to a grand feast - plucked and oven ready, still you thought you could grin and bear it, now here comes the skewer. Oh Yes, this is a Government you can truly rely on (for a roasting).

Jonathan says:

What is really the basis for social engineering – in a society based on exploitation extraction, and repression! - is, as with any product, to a given end for use. Not just the identification of those referred to above on the receiving end – not just the socially necessary professionals noted – but the army being created out of 'outsourcing' and within the state to carry out these acts of repression and 'remoulding'.

That previously some were identified before they were born, that this was reported on and not kept in mind, shows some of this has been in place by the state for some time. That those concerned with the figures, the actions taken, passing them to this or that agency – and yet so little leaks out and becomes investigated – that state judges have sight of all and sundry to 'pass judgement'; matters the jury never had sight of; that the defence may have kept from them, or may be kept to silence as 'officers of the court': all this demonstrates a state machine already a hidden weight. Maybe we ought to remember these exposures when rolling into a ball all that the state collects and maintains.

The figures when released were passed over by the media when even the discrepancy between those with 'a record' and those 'brought to the attention of' was stated. Get a print out of a stop-and-search – it is a record, of arrest without charge, it is a record; of a check for a job, it is a record; of a database search, it is a record, of belonging to a political organisation opposed to the national interest, it is a record. And it is well worth studying the origins of this term 'national interest' with the rise of laissez fair. Anybody or nation (by definition all – for each and other, regardless or alliances and wars) who is not in the national interest is by definition a traitor (one can start to imagine the tensions within the coalition given this ensconced type of thinking): anyone noted as not in awe of capitalism is a traitor, therefore a record. But the most glaring contradiction in this would be that if it grows out of competing interests – and nations – then it has at its core competition and not cooperation – socially this would be 'self interest': anti social behaviour.

A record; of any campaigning group, it is a record; of their CCTV checks, it is a record (regardless of the quip in the Home Affairs Committee). So all come to the attention of 'the police'. – and of a speeding ticket, it is a record as is also any non criminal event, as the Daily Mail would turn the Travellers to be criminals based on the breach of planning regulations laws. An ASBO – not criminal – a breach of an ASBO – criminal. It is not even clever working up this all. Yet they swing it based on media connections – if the Open Society (Global Capital) of Murdoch approves then it will be swung forth. A day late to register the birth of your child: it is a crime. And that does not involves the hundreds of laws in Britain that fell dormant that can be triggered at a whim – and in this economic crisis they need lots of whims as the logic of events leads them – to the implications within all that is above, and all that is within what is above. You want to hesitate – and read – then check out the Nazi's and the US economic policies of those thirties – ask surviving family or friends – or organise and join Assemblies.

There is absolutely no solution for them and their system: the national interest was bartered and put in hock to Global Capital – in the national interest – another glaring contradiction that drives their programs. A factor driving the Right, and making them 'enemies of the state'. They most certainly will be checking out both the Nazi social engineering programs and the political needs of such as the Brown Shirts to implement them on the streets and other 'new' elements within and without the state. Most glaringly all the programs alluded to or noted above: those in the US and Europe. Each time their crisis was not alleviated by these methods, each time it was 'got round' temporarily by war. The trains for both the war effort and the camps were organised under a contract to IBM – American owned – throughout the war. And to make this movement of social crisis one: the gypsies from Hungry were moved under punch-cards to Auschwitz right through to the end.

Playing fast and lose with the facts, it is not a crime. And what now they build their records on, ever wider, ever deeper – involves every kind of subterfuge and brutality they can apply. Isolation and intimidation – and still no socially useful and rewarding labour. It will make easier data than those they try to grapple with out of the economy: their continuity gives them many advantages – but reworking the planet isn't one of them. But to make use of each datum, of each piece of intelligence – they need flesh, blood and bone – 'workers' as did the Nazi's. They need a climate and low wages to make them brutish. And they may take advantage in a climate of fear.

I do not wish to libel Clarke but if memory serves he is a serial offender – Bumptious Boris is by his own admission – as is the revelations as to Cameron. Maybe the examples and the types are fatuous and pointless (see AWTW The rule of law) In reality avoiding breach of existing law from the earliest age is an impossible. Now prosecution is another matter: it is for the state machine to sort and choose. Follow the Cardiff Three case [ Man wrongly accused of murder gives evidence against police] But the state (including the judiciary – If they won, it would mean that the police were guilty of perjury; that they were guilty of violence and threats; that the confessions were involuntary and improperly admitted in evidence; and that the convictions were erroneous. That would mean that the Home Secretary would have either to recommend that they be pardoned or to remit the case to the Court of Appeal. That was such an appalling vista that every sensible person would say, 'It cannot be right that these actions should go any further.' Birmingham Six Appeal: or the thinking of the majority of the British – lets not be partisan – of any bourgeois judiciary Institutionalised 'miscarriage' are calculations, even their exposure are legion – all will, even if they heave a victory against the stacked pack – will have a record.

All those involved in any struggle must see a common unity in the object – it shapes them. laissez fair was the epoch of fragmenting the social bounds: atomising and disposing – of conveyor belt, autonomonisition: of break all forms of unity. A new unity builds enriched and new never before existing ideas. Revolutionary Solutions.

Dave Terrey says:

Capitalism is oh, so much better at sublime manipulation. Starting for me with ‘Orange style drink’ - a drink you thought contained oranges but can addict you to sugar ! to TV that if you want to watch anything worthwhile you pay for it, but can addict you to gambling.

Stating that the majority of rioters had previous records, is a desperate attempt by the state to enforce their theory, rapidly, that rioting is a criminal act. No time for sublime manipulation there. They had to blurt it out, to convince us.

The blog demonstrates with this and other facts that the state can and will do anything to protect itself and will never tackle or discuss the reasons behind the recent rioting and growing unrest.

‘Capitalism will never give us what we need. Only take from us what we have’. - Dave Terrey 2011