51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan

Dear Friends and Comrades in Japan and around the world,

We in A World to Win send our revolutionary greetings to the 51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan.

We are engaged in a common struggle to end the rule of capital which has spread throughout the world since the United States unleashed the destructive nuclear force upon the people of Japan.


In recent decades the accumulation of capital has created a global network of corporations and financial institutions whose operations leap over national boundaries. These have transformed the relationships among the national governments of the world.

The corporations promote competition amongst capitalist governments to attract inward investment, and stir wars for declining resources – energy, minerals, land and food as well as ever cheaper sources of labour.

Since 2007/8 every part of the world has been drawn into an historically unprecedented interconnected economic, ecological, social and political crisis.

Attempts to impose solutions which favour the 1% of the population who benefit from their ownership of the world’s capital have triggered mass movements around the world.

The global crisis has created the conditions for a revolutionary unity amongst the 99% of the world’s population, whose common interests lie in the ending of capitalist rule on the planet.

This year alone we have seen millions in Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal and Brazil rise up against governments imposing austerity and deteriorating conditions of their lives. They are opposing dictatorial regimes who act on behalf of global capital, destroying conditions of life, not only for their citizens but for the planet itself.

We believe in moving beyond resistance to developing mass, truly democratic forms of economic and political power.

We support the brave individuals who contribute to that struggle around the world.

We condemn the 136-year sentence imposed on US anti-war whistleblower Bradley Manning who exposed the war crimes against Iraqi civilians and journalists.

We demand the dropping of charges and safe haven for military secrets opponent Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. We salute Joe Glenton, the first British soldier to refuse to serve in Afghanistan on moral grounds.

We denounce and call for the ending of Disposition Matrix, the US military’s long-term programme of drone warfare in Pakistan, presided over by President Obama.

We call on your Assembly to join with us to work for a revolutionary transformation of power. This means transferring the ownership of resources and productive capacity into the stewardship under democratic control of a global network of local, national and regional People’s Assemblies.

These can and will replace the discredited and failed democracy of the current system of capitalist nation-states.

Your Assembly offers us confidence in the future.

With the warmest, revolutionary greetings

A World to Win secretariat
London, UK

31 July 2013

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