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Coalition for a 21st Century Constitution – C421

August 4, 2006

Dear All

Here are the minutes of the open forum on building a coalition for a 21st century constitution that took place on 26 July in Euston. Despite the heat, more than 40 people came and participated. They included representatives from groups and organisations as well as individuals. Organisations either present or who sent messages included People in Common, Global Women’s Strike, Payday, Creative Forum, A World to Win, the Muslim Parliament, London Social Forum, Hands off Venezuela,  the Independent Victims Helpline (UK), INURA network, Interplay, CEPPA (campaign for the establishment of permanent people’s assemblies), Animal Aid.

Four people volunteered to draw up an interim statement that reflected the discussion and points raised as the basis for a campaigning document. They have since met and plan to complete the draft before the end of August. Another open forum will then be called to discuss the statement and plan the campaign/actions to win support for C421.

The open forum was called around the following statement: 

Achieving civil and social rights –
towards a 21st century constitution

In the present climate of a failing British state and creeping authoritarianism we need to find a way to work together as individuals and groups to transform our political culture. Recent reports indicate that both the major political parties are now considering constitutional reform, and there are even hints of support for a written constitution.

We propose a series of alternative events aimed at a grassroots campaign around:

[1] An inclusive written constitution that embraces the aspirations of the powerless majority and

[2] A civil and social rights mobilisation in support of its terms.

Minutes of meeting

  1. Meeting opened by Chairperson (Corinna Lotz, A World to Win)
  2. Presentations by organisers and sponsors: Mark Barrett (People in Common), David Cozens (Creative Forum), Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (Muslim Parliament - unable to attend, statement read out) and Paul Feldman (A World to Win).
  3. Meeting opened to Group [approx 40+ people]

Points from discussion

Proposals, statements and ideas for new constitution from group members


  1. work on an interim statement using proposals and minutes of meeting
  2. carry out an action asp

Possible group titles?

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