Basildon eviction: call for support

Notice of eviction has been served on some ten families at Hovefields, Wickford, near Dale Farm – depart by 31 August or face the bulldozers.

Family members include two with learning difficulties, and several sick and elderly. No alternate for caravans and mobile-homes has been offered.

An injuction and judicail review is being sought this week. But unfortunately it will cover only a limited number of people.

At a human rights training day at Dale Farm on Wednesday (25 Aug) plans will be laid as how best to oppose these evictions.

Attend if you possible can. Programme, by Essex University Human Rights Law Clinic, runs from 10 am to 3pm. Marquee and refreshments.

Train out of Liverpool Street on Southend Line to Wickford. Location off A127, take Gardiners Lane North to Oak Road (CM11 2YH)

Constant bailiffs, though under investigation for breaches of safety law, will again be brought into action by Basildon Council in mid-September.

It appears Basildon has unlimited funds when it comes to carrything through its ethnic-cleansing policy against Gypsies and Travellers.

Richard Sheridan president, Gypsy Council
Grattan Puxon secretary, Dale Farm Housing Association 01206 523528

23 August 2010

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