AROBy massacring Malian people, imperialists begin another round of bloodshed

Statement by Afghanistan Revolution Organization (ARO)

Today’s world is the world of killings and marauding by imperialists. As the world is sunk in deep crises because of the insatiable greed created by the capital and another round of repartition of the world has begun, imperialists have no other option but to resort to waging war in order to increase their profit.

Now, its Mali’s turn, a poverty-stricken and destitute country in Africa. The French imperialist state has launched the bombing and massacring of Malian people in collaboration with the U.S., European Union and the approval of UN Security Council. The British daily newspaper, The Guardian, reported on October 22, 2012 that France and the U.S. had secretly worked out a plan to attack Mali.  This plan is being executed now under the name of “fighting Al Qaida,” “defending Human Rights,” and “promoting Democracy” like all other imperialist invasions, while 1700 French troops involved in the attack pour bombs on Mali and trample this wounded country under their bloody boots.

Reactionary and client states in the west of Africa have mobilized and have declared to deploy 3,000 troops to fight the war against “terrorists.” The U.S. has announced its support for the war by providing intelligence and logistic supplies, while Germany has offered logistic support and the training for the hired fighters of the Malian government. Britain has offered France two aircrafts in order to intensify the bombings of the Malian soil. As the running dog of the imperialists, The UN Security Council issued resolution to legitimize the bombings of Mali.

Mali is the third largest gold producing country in the black continent after Ghana and South Africa (it produced 50 tons of gold in 2007 alone) and has vast natural resources, including uranium. Also, Mali has a significant geopolitical location in the region.  Until 1960, it was a French colony and later on, the former Soviet Union and China gained significant influence party because of their investments. Now, it’s again France’s turn to intervene in this country as a reward for its participation in the imperialist war in Afghanistan.

After the brutal aerial bombing of Mali began, the French president said that French troops would leave Mali only after Mali becomes a stable country with a legitimate and elected government. No one can better understand that Afghans what this looter means by saying “a stable country” with “a legitimate and elected government.” It would be a government that would only slaughter its people at the behest of imperialists and to serve their interests.

How can one talk of “stability” and “legitimate government” when BBC reports that French bombers killed 120 Malians across the country on the night of January 12? How can one bring stability to the country and talk of “legitimacy” and “democracy” while the French invaders bomb and trample this country for the second time in its history, and people flee to the neighboring countries? These are slogans chanted by western occupiers in order to plunder the poverty-stricken countries. Afghan oppressed masses have firsthand experience of these slogans chanted over the past eleven years of the occupation of their country.

Malian masses currently suffer from abject poverty and hunger and face serious food shortage. Mali is among the ten poorest nations with the lowest per capita income, and would further be pushed to the poverty abyss and the hunger inferno as a result of this marauding war, while its puppet rulers and reactionary representatives of the ruling classes, just like their Afghan fellows, would portray the invasion of their country by France as a “great success,” “achievement” and “war on Al Qaida.” But in reality, the war that is waged with the approval of the UN Security Council would only continue to brutalize the Malian masses.

Afghanistan Revolutionary Organization (ARO) is against all sorts of aggressions, occupations, invasion and interventions by imperialist and non-imperialist countries, and believes that the overthrow of the regimes that brutalize their people is the task of the masses, and that any struggle against the tyrant rulers must closely be tied to the struggle against imperialists.

As the Afghanistan and Iraq occupations and the bombings of Libya clearly prove that marauding imperialists will never, and can never, liberate masses from the yoke of tyranny or bring them democracy. The occupations of countries at the hands of these blood-thirsty criminals and their cronies would only relieve the masses from one tyrant and put many more yokes on their shoulders as a result of the occupation of their countries. Instead of democracy, masses would be killed in cold-blood and later their dead bodies would be urinated on. Murders and killings, destruction and plundering are inbuilt in the nature of imperialists, and the plea of a few opportunists to the occupiers to liberate and salvage the masses and bring the enemies of our people to the justice, only unmasks their shameless subjugation to imperialists.

Only through a liberating and persistent struggle and through the uprising and revolution of the masses led by the proletariat, can the basis of the ruling classes be shaken and imperialists be buried in its ruins, and the flag of independence, freedom and equality be hoisted.

Down with Imperialism
March on to Socialism!

Afghanistan Revolution Organization (ARO)
16 January 2013 

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