London rally greets Mubarak overthrow

Photo report by Corinna Lotz

People from a variety of countries suffering under the yoke of dictatorships joined Egyptians in London to celebrate the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak's rule.

There were people from Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Burma, Iran, occupied Palestine and other countries at the Amnesty International rally. Also present were anti-Zionist Jews. Speakers at the rally included representatives of the TUC, National Union of Journalists, the Council for Arab British Understanding.

12 February 2011

Mubarak overthrownMubarak Overthrow

Mubarak Overthrow

Blair - war criminalMubarak overthrown

Mubarak Overthrow

Mubarak Overthrow Mubarak Overthrow

Mubarak overthrown

Mubarak Overthrow

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