“Laghman terrorists, let us see them”

A cry of pain and resistance from Left Radical of Afghanistan

The beds of Mehtarlambaba Centre Hospital are full of wounded. Some of the wounded children are lying together with their mothers on one bed.

A one-and-a-half-year-old little girl’s leg has been cut by fragments of a bomb. Next to her another two-year-old’s hand and leg are bleeding, and yet another 15-year-old girl’s foot has been cut. They are looking at anyone helplessly but do not moan. The wounded children are struggling painfully in their beds, looking at their wounded mothers and searching around with their patient eyes. The flames of revenge wave in their hearts but they seem silent. They understand that opening their mouths under the existing system of government is useless.

These children are aware that last month in Nangarhar province, in a similar incident, wedding party participants were bathed in their own blood. In Kunar, Noristan, Kandahar, Paktya, Helmand, children of the same age were killed, injured but nobody took their revenge.

The wounded were taken to Mehtarlambaba Hospital from Garoch. Garoch is a mountainous area and few days ago the NATO forces bombarded it heavily. The bombardment took place after French troops suffered heavy casualties during a clash in Ozbin Sorobi district. The foreign troops took out their revenge on our civilians, but there is nobody to take our revenge. Our helplessness gave them the “courage” to kill dozens of us everyday.

But is not the end of the story! The foreign forces seem to have come here with the intention of staying for a long period of time. During  this period our children have been shot and wounded in the air strikes and martyred. But their families members will grow and become young.

Behind any silence there is a storm. If today the children lying in hospitals in Mehtarlambaba and other provinces are quiet, it is a message of a strong storm in the future. Will they not take their revenge whether or not they are called terrorists?

Written by Noman Dost
Translated by H.Hanif

LaghmanNote: Laghman (Persian: لغمان) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. Located in the eastern portion of Afghanistan, the capital is Mihtarlam

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