NATO’s Afghanistan plans condemned

The Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) group has condemned NATO’s plan to maintain forces in the country long after 2014 to prop up the puppet regime.

In a statement, the LRA said that the decisions taken at the November 19 summit in Lisbon ran contrary to any plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by July 2011.

Instead, NATO members talked about a transitional strategy with a target date of 2014 to deliver security responsibility to Afghan forces.

The LRA added: “At the same time they made clear that after 2014, tens of thousand of forces will remain in Afghanistan to assist the puppet regime. They reaffirmed that any step will be taken according to conditions in Afghanistan and thus 2014 is an ‘aspiration’ goal not a firm deadline.”

It pointed out that even after President Obama announced 2011 as a target date, his military commanders on the ground repudiated the timetable.

The LRA warned that NATO forces faced a series of challenges which would lead to their defeat in “this stupid war against the people of Afghanistan and Islamic world”. These included countrywide popular resistance in Afghanistan; anti-war movements in US, Europe and across the world; international contradictions within NATO and concerns of other countries in the region about NATO’s strategy.

NATO forces are accused of driving a wedge between Pashtoon and non-Pashtoon nationalities, splitting up the country to undermine the resistance in Afghanistan and installing “a corrupt and narcotic mafia regime”.

The LRA supports the refusal of the resistance to negotiate in the presence of occupation forces.

25 November 2010

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