No Redemption

Interview with author David Peace and photographer Keith Pattison
at Kings Place art centre

The men, women and children of Easington, a Durham pit village, lived their lives in the eye of a storm a quarter of a century ago. It was then that miners fought a year-long battle against the Tory government and the state for jobs. Photos from Easington, taken by Keith Pattison during that confrontation, are on display in London's Kings Place arts centre.

Prize-winning author David Peace wrote the words to go with the images. He is perhaps best-known for the Red Riding Quartet, his dramatic series about the dark underside of the West Yorkshire police and his novel about Brian Clough, The Damned United. But, he feels, his most controversial novel is in fact GB84, set in the year of the strike.

A World to Win caught up with them at the opening of the show.

3 February 2011

  • No Redemption - how the miners faced shock and awe
  • See also Phil Sharpe’s review of No Redemption
  • Unfinished Business, by Peter Arkell and Ray Rising shows the extent of the strike throughout the country and draws more political conclusions.

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