TUC urged to co-ordinate action against cuts

The RMT transport union has tabled a motion for the TUC Congress in Manchester in September for a co-ordinated trade union and community fight back against the cuts programme and the “class warfare” of the Coalition government.

The RMT motion calls on the trade union movement to:

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“The TUC has to be the launch-pad for the fight back against the coalition government’s decision to unleash all out class warfare through their unprecedented attack on our communities, public services, welfare state and transport system. Our defence must be built on generalised strike action and community resistance in the biggest public mobilisation since the anti-poll tax movement.

“RMT is in no doubt that the government is using the deficit as a thinly veiled cover to engage in an ideological dismantling of the state and an attack on workers, and the most vulnerable in our society, which goes far further than even the dark days of Thatcher.

“As well as setting out plans for our own co-ordinated industrial and community action we also send a message of solidarity to our comrades in Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and elsewhere who are fighting similar cuts to jobs, standards of living and public services.”

2 August 2010

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