RMT backs student protests

Transport union RMT has called on its members and the entire trade union movement to get out on the streets this week in full support of the student fees protests.

The union has written to all its branches and is directly emailing and texting members urging them to support the local protests on Wednesday and the national protest on Thursday – the day of the Commons vote.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, who will be speaking at the 3pm rally at the Westminster end of Victoria Embankment on Thursday 9 December, said:

“Last week students supported our tube members on their picket lines and this week we will be out shoulder to shoulder with the students in their protests over the jacking up of tuition fees.

“It is essential that the entire labour and trade union movement gives full support to the student protests. This extraordinary grass roots movement has caught the ConDems on the hop and when your enemy is reeling you don’t give them a chance to regroup, you mobilise the maximum pressure that you can and that’s what RMT is doing right now.

“The Lib Dem lies don’t just cover their pre-election statements on tuition fees, you can throw their broken promises on rail fare increases, VAT and cuts in jobs and services into the mix as well.

“The cracks are opening up in this ConDem coalition and there’s no point biding our time – the students have got them on the run and the trade union movement should throw everything we can into supporting this week’s protests.”

7 December 2010

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