Super rich are the real benefit scoungers

When David Payne wrote to his local MP, Robert Buckland, Tory MP for Swindon South, about the shocking growth of food banks in Britain, his reply totally missed the point. So David wrote back, putting the record straight. Here’s an extract.

Dear Robert

My horror and I’ll describe it as such, is at the actuality of a punitive poverty in this rich country, that forces the poorest to beg for food, a predicament belonging nowhere, but typically associated with the wretched abandonment of the third world. The government is of course, not responsible for the operation of food banks but crucially, is responsible for their very existence, a damning indictment of the prevailing economic model to which your party gives hearty approval. As for world food prices, well isn’t that a perfect, political sleight-of-hand, with a wave, the entire matter “externalised” (to identify an unfortunate but instructive Americanism).

Firstly, we are not suffering a virus that blew in from abroad, or an Act of God – we are subject to the overwhelming might of a hugely detailed and purposeful economic construct that requires in order for the few to be ridiculously rich, that the many are kept relatively poor and the most vulnerable with heinous disdain, abused beyond the restraint and humiliation of shame. How else of a nation with so much, can some own so little and how dare any of you point fingers elsewhere.

Secondly, whatever the reason, it should not be possible for any family’s financial security to be laid-waste by so small a factor, the most vulnerable in our society bullied precisely because they are defenceless, into a condition of things wherein they are “required” to live on simply too little in precarious equilibrium.

I wonder if it even catches your ear when George Osborne chirps, as if it is a truism, that of course the “least well off” (his euphemism for those on the economic scrap heap) must “pay their share”. He is so intellectually bemused by his own privilege that he cannot perceive the vile reality that they have nothing, that is NOTHING to spare and we have hubristic wealth looking down its nose at a shameful shortage that simply need not exist. To feed the hungry in this country, who amount to perhaps 30,000 families, would not so much as put a scratch on the national budget and one dares not wonder how many of the ultra-rich in the UK could settle the entire shortfall from a single current account.

There was a time when by-and-by, I could thin the clinging grime of contempt layered upon us by this vicious scheme and its Over-Lords, with the rough towel of a cathartic missive, but personal disgust is a foul patina a carbolic scrub won’t shift.

So, this letter now anticipates the next indifferent glance from office. What will be the third departmental reply to be accompanied by a cover letter from you which would start with the sentence “I appreciate that this may not be the response you were hoping for”. The Westminster Bubble becomes less an acute euphemism than a eulogy-for-democracy by the day and though I cease to be surprised, disappointment is a receding pit into which each fall is a little further than the last.

I’ll tell you Robert, of necessity I live a thrifty life, but with little to spare I’ll literally share my food, one of the exploited, non-rich in this country whose generosity and heart alone defines the nation, sand and salt for the parasitic rich to piss upon as they lay a foundation on which to support a pyramid of proud and boastful privilege atop which to lounge. Stupefied by wealth, they are the true Benefit Scroungers, the world’s free-loaders, oblivious to the crushing load they insist upon the rest of us in order to (attempt to) satisfy the vulgar and insatiable lust of greed, a condition without cure.

Without searching, a recent news clip greets me today as “£13 trillion hoard hidden off-shore from the tax-man by global elite” (interestingly denominated in Pounds Sterling). That’s “Trickle-Down” for you.

David Payne
17 December 2012

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