Woodland defenders raided

Police have invaded Camp Titnore in Sussex and intimidated the protesters, who have been peacefully occupying the threatened Durrington woodland since 2006.

Strong rumours are circulating that Worthing Borough Council planners are to meet very soon to give the final go-ahead for the 875-home housing development at Titnore
Woods and that the camp will be cleared by force before work starts, possibly as soon as October.

The campers are appealing for all those who have supported them during their three-year marathon protest to make the effort to come and visit them now - before it is too late.

The latest police raid on the camp came under the pretence of a "health and safety check".

Up to 18 tooled-up officers intimidated the environmentalists with video cameras, as they were “in-terror-gated”. This included a young woman with a 4-year-old child who
was visiting friends at the camp. The police then search and videoed all areas of the camp.

The campers now expect more harassment in order to get them to give up and leave.

Meanwhile a paper written and produced by volunteers say that work on the massive new Tesco Extra will start on Monday August 17, with residents' concerns ignored.

It reported in a special email bulletin: "So there we are then, our council has allowed this mega rich conglomerate to build a shed that will be a blot on the landscape, create a traffic nightmare, destroy local residents’ right to breathe clean air and enjoy peace and quiet. Thank you councillors you will be remembered at election time.”

17 August 2009

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