AROLet’s Mark the 93rd Independence Day by Chanting “Down with Occupiers” Slogan

August 18 is our country’s Independence Day, when British invaders suffered a humiliating defeat and heavy casualties in 1919 after consistent and heroic struggle of Afghan oppressed masses.

This glorious day is marked now at a time when over ten years have passed since the day the western imperialist powers led by the US imperialism and its allies invaded our country under the name of fighting Al-Qaeda and “terrorism”. During this time, the invaders and their local puppets have only brought poverty, misery, forced displacements, unemployment, prostitution, drug addiction, violence, bombings and suicide attacks on our deprived masses, and the destruction of our country. Given the nature of the imperialists who survive on wars, pillage and destruction, one could not expect anything else from the imperialists.

We chant the slogan of “Down with the Occupiers,” and mark the Independence Day of our country, while imperialists, the puppet government, the Taliban, the reactionary governments of Pakistan and Iran and other neighboring countries write the history of our country with their crimes, betrayals and treachery. The recently collected figures about the past six years clearly indicate an ascending trend in the killing of the deprived masses of Afghanistan. Though the figures collected by the UN only show a tip of the iceberg and is in no way the actual number, they still indicate that 687 people, 818 people, 1054 people, 1267 people, 1510 people were killed in the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively. In the first half of this year alone, 1510 Afghans have been killed. All this underlines the murderous and criminal nature of the imperialists and their cronies.

With four million unemployed people, 80 percent of Afghans living under the poverty line, the highest infant mortality rate in the world, over 1.5 million drug addicts, two million widows, hundreds of homeless, the corrupt economic and political system, the brutality committed by the security forces and militia who are on the US payroll, the oppressed Afghan masses live in the inferno called Afghanistan. Getting rid of this hellish situation is not possible without persistent nationalist struggle for the liberation of our country along with struggle for a revolutionary democracy.

Tug of war of the Karzai puppet government with its masters, shedding crocodile tears of the puppet regime, signing strategic agreements with imperialists, the leashing and unleashing of Taliban suicide bombers by the CIA and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, Iran’s medieval regime’s brazen intervention in Afghanistan and the opening of Taliban office in Iran, the shelling of Afghan soil by the Pakistani military and the deafening silence of Karzai’s puppet regime, convening all sorts of conferences on Afghanistan, and donation of billions of dollars to the Kabul regime, take place in order to prolong the occupation and enable the imperialists led by the US to reach their strategic objectives, while in a demagogic move, the US-installed government in Kabul “marks the independence” of Afghanistan under the barrel of the US and British tanks.

Afghanistan Revolutionary Organization (ARO) believes that the national-democratic struggle for the liberation of the motherland is the principle task of the revolutionary left. Undermining the need for this struggle by using the ridiculous terms such as “fighting feudalism,” “development of bourgeois democracy,” “taking advantage of the contradictions among imperialists,” and the funny Trotskyite theories of “contraction between labor and capital in Afghanistan,” is only betray to the motherland and the oppressed masses of Afghanistan.

The history of our country has shown that all the past liberation struggles led by non-Communists have served the interests of the ruling classes and that the masses have never reached their goal of an independent country and a society free of class exploitation. Given the current principle contradiction, we believe that national-democratic struggle takes precedence and all forms of struggle should serve this struggle till the ouster of the foreign aggressors and the fall of the ruling classes. Only revolutionary and proletarian ideology can guarantee a nation’s independence.

Down with Imperialism!
Forward to Socialism!

Afghanistan Revolutionary Organization (ARO)
18 August 2012

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