US/NATO message for New Year: more state terror and human catastrophe

Workers and youths message for New Year: End to war and exploitation

End to war and Exploitation

Dear comrades and friends

Afghanistan Socialist Association (ASA) is pleased to wish you a happy and a triumphant new year 2010.

The oppressed people of Afghanistan has undertaken 2009 with heavy bombardments resulted killing of innocent women and children, displacement in cold winter of fear from military operations by US/NATO. Once again the year 2009 said farewell to People of Lagham, Baghlan, Helmand and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan with wild killing of civilians, little students of schools in its last two weeks carried out by US aggressive forces.

Physical and mentally torturing of prisoners particularly political inmates in the awful jails of US and puppet regime of Karzai is something normal where nobody object and include it in “human rights” agenda.

Poverty, unemployment, corruption, violence and finally a fraudulent elections are the gifts and achievements of the presence of “International Community” for the people of Afghanistan.

Based on the imperialist resources research, Afghanistan has gotten the position of number one country of narcotic production and the fifth corrupt administration in world under blessing occupation of “peace mission and democracy restoring” claimers.

But before the end of the last days of 2009, the major cities of Afghanistan were witness of big and brave demonstrations of youths, Universities and High Schools students, workers and peasants against US imperialism and its western allies barbaric mission in Afghanistan. Thousands of anti US/nato demonstrators in Kabul, Laghman, Jalalabad, Kunar while set on fire the pictures of Barak Obama, chanting slogan “death to America, ISAF and Nato”  and demanded their immediately and unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Although the year 2009 was a bleeding and disastrous year for the people of Afghanistan, as seems the ruling classes in America and in West in spite of the disagreement of the overwhelming majority of their citizens, are not ready to stop the war and withdraw their troops from Afghanistan. So, the war tragedy will be going on not only in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan and possibly in more regional countries and certainly the scope of the casualty and destruction will be wide not only for the people of Afghanistan and region but also for the people of America and west in general. The governments in West on the pretext of “war on terror” follow themselves a terror policy and commit heinous crimes.

ASA based on the nature of greedy and plundering nature of imperialism cannot expect occurring a miracle in 2010 towards the peace in Afghanistan and the region as well as logical decision of US/Nato governments to end the war, but urge on the support of legitimized popular resistance of Afghanistan and seek the international solidarity of workers, youth, women and all oppressed people of America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Afghanistan Socialist Association (ASA)

Afghanistan- 01 January 2010

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