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Manifesto consultation – over to you

Like previous versions, the Manifesto of Revolutionary Solutions is presented for the widest possible consultation in the coming months. We will respond to comments and proposals made and incorporate them into a revised edition.

This new draft reflects the tremendous changes that have taken place over the last year since the publication of the previous version.

The revolutions of the Arab Spring have joined the growing resistance in the major capitalist countries to the impact of the global economic and financial crisis. In May, they were joined by the mass M-15 movement in Spain, Real Democracy Now.

As governments struggle to contain uprisings, mass protests, general strikes and student occupations, the challenge is to go beyond resistance.

Each struggle in every country directly and immediately poses the question of taking power out of the hands of the ruling political and economic elites. Not a single step forward can be taken while the power remains in the hands of corporations, investment banks and the state.

You are warmly invited to be part of this important consultation project.

Corinna Lotz
Secretary, A World to Win
May 2011

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Your Say

Ann Archy says:

Unless the people have control of the means of production and distribution, and the profit motive removed, nothing will really change.

Tony says:

First, it is good. Just as convincing of the need for change as the last, but improved by being less aspirational and more detailed and practical. Overall, though, it suggests lots of ways of spending money, but would benefit from at least a crude attempt to produce an outline budget showing where it is to come from. With numbers in it. Should be easy for an economist!

I've lots of comments, some passionate, others just a word of casual advice, which I have not tried to express tactfully. I hope you will regard them all as constructively meant....

General: statements are frequently made without evidence. This is irritating to a pedant like me, but more importantly leaves the document open to charges of being "emotional" rather than "reasoned".

Diana says:

I am very impressed by all of these chapters and I believe they form the basis of a sustainable society. I think that we will still need some state organisation - to deliver a national health and educations service for example. But the whole manifesto is breathtaking in its analysis of the problems and coverage of the detail. We need to set the ball rolling and begin to DO all of this (and more)