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The German student revolt

Martin Luther King's unfinished business


Learning from history

Corinna Lotz reflects on the life of Pierre Lambert, a leader in the French workers’ movement, who died recently in Paris.



MAY 68: Street posters from the Paris Rebellion

1968 and all that


La Lutte

quoteThe building of an independent
revolutionary movement that can inspire
and lead the challenge for power itself
remains the most crucial lesson from 1968unquote

1968 Revolution

40 pages with photos and illustrations

In 1968, a global revolutionary upsurge shook ruling elites from Paris to Berlin, from Vietnam to Czechoslovakia. A World to Win’s new publication examines the key events of that year and asks what lessons can be learned for today. It concludes that today’s world political and economic crisis is creating conditions for a new revolt that can pick up the baton of 1968.


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