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"Very clear and logical in my view. I agree entirely with the revitalised democracy that you envisage, but wonder if you can suggest responses to the inevitable opposition and aggression from entrenched power structures? This is my worry, there is no clean slate to write on. How do you win the support of those who have most to lose from a new society focused on sustainability? Then how do you prevent the new society being hijacked by the personally ambitious?

However, I think it vital to make rapid progress towards the co-operative society you describe, and I suppose the journey will have to depend on repeated trial and error.

I think you have presented the issues so sharply that many readers will not be able to ignore them."

Patricia Dodd Racher





Beyond Resistance

fight the cuts
build People's Assemblies

by Gerry Gold & Paul Feldman

This new 44-page booklet analyses the Lib-Con spending cuts in detail. Fact-packed Q&As explain the key features of the global economic and financial crisis.

Argues that this provides the chance to develop a non-capitalist, democratic economy and society.

Puts forward wide-ranging policy solutions and makes the case for creating People’s Assemblies to take forward the struggle against the Coalition government.

Written by Gerry Gold & Paul Feldman, authors of the best-selling A House of Cards – from fantasy finance to global crash.

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