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A World to Win’s new 11-minute film argues that it’s the crisis within the capitalist economy itself that is the source of the cuts in spending, the sacking of thousands of public sector workers and the drastic rise in tuition fees. What is your view?

Not everyone agrees. Many deny that the economic crisis is real, or point to the financial crisis, blaming the bankers but not the underlying cause. Others accuse the coalition government of making an “ideological response”, using the budget deficit as an “excuse” to attack the welfare state.

The Labour Party, and many trade union leaders agree with the need to reduce the deficit, but want the cuts to be smaller and slower. Meanwhile, they are doing nothing about the Coalition’s attacks.

The National Campaign against Fees and Cuts rejects “the rhetoric of deficit reduction and the inevitability of austerity and social injustice”. Its campaign is intended to “repeal the government’s reforms”.

So who is right? What is the real story? And does it matter?
Can, as the Education Activist Network claims, a campaign of resistance “stop neoliberal reforms”. Will taxation and regulation get capitalism back on the growth path?

Or is the crisis so deep that revolutionary solutions are the only way forward? Help us get to the bottom of what’s happening at the next Beyond Resistance Teach-in,
Saturday, 26 February, 1-5.30pm, Birkbeck College.

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