‘Communicating the Revolution’   

A World to Win is bringing together a group of people to share revolutionary skills and understanding. The workshop programme will run for about six months, starting in June 2013. One and two-day events will take place in London and around the UK.

The course will be led by members of A World to Win and guest speakers will offer special sessions and share skills. The aim is for students to acquire confidence to work with others in building a movement.

If you are interested, please email and we will be in touch.

Outline of subject areas:

Philosophy and outlook

Website design

Political economy of globalisation

Writing documents, blogs, editing, e-book publishing

Developing collaborative leadership

  1. the networked organisation
  2. working with other organisations
  3. reform or revolution – or both?
  4. learning from history
  5. inspiring the next generation
  6. using social media/campaigning

Developing and learning from international contacts

Speaking/debating in public

Photo-video reportage