Dorset – summary of ideas/proposals

Targeted publications

We should plan targeted pamphlets/publications aimed at/dealing with:

Made available for sale, free distribution and through the website. They would emphasise that the SYSTEM is the problem. Putting forward answers.

Should involve new writers/designers in a magazine. Using more suggestive ways of getting through to people. Dealing with a single topic per issue.

A fictional novel set in the future was also put forward.


Need to brand AWTW – logo very important
Need to make use of openings like MySpace and related websites to establish AWTW
Investigate Internet radio/tv


Use website to get ‘pledges’ of support (like NO2ID etc)
Different use of emails, perhaps including audio/video files
Personalised emails instead of group emails


Conference in autumn around Rights campaign. Need to be involved in campaigns with our policies.


All this would require big sums of money. Need to launch a fund.

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