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The credit crunch explained

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A House of Cards

ISBN: 978-0-9523454-3-5 | 88 pages

'A House of Cards provides a lucid and accessible introduction to the concepts and contradictions underpinning the system, and outlines the changes that need to happen for a more sustainable and equitable future.'
Kevin Smith, author of
The Carbon Neutral Myth

'I’m looking forward to reading this book. I hope it sheds light in some murky corners.'
Ken Loach, film director





A House of Cards

from fantasy finance to global crash

by Gerry Gold & Paul Feldman

Your guide to understanding the crisis that is sweeping through the global financial system and what it means for ordinary people. A House of Cards connects the crisis to the rise and rise of the global corporations. It shows how capitalism’s inbuilt drive for profit and continuous growth has created climate chaos, gross inequality and led to the destruction of human rights. A House of Cards also contains detailed, visionary not-for-profit and sustainable alternatives to the market economy.


Chapter 1: Corporate power out of control
The origins of globalisation
The enforcers
Profit, profit, profit
Labour – the source of all value
The falling rate of profit
Credit and consumption

Chapter 2: The spectre haunting capitalism
The origins of credit
The Big Bang
Deriving a profit
Private equity
Personal and household credit and debt
Debt in the UK
The great unravelling
The not-so-almighty dollar

Chapter 3: Paying the price
Climate Change
Inequality at home and abroad
Extreme consumerism
Personal debt
Resources wars
A market state

Chapter 4: A leopard cannot change its spots
Reality check
Broken free

Chapter 5: Composting capitalism
Liberating capitalism from itself
Communications infrastructure
Scientific systems of management
Highly-skilled workforces
Scientific and technological revolution
A global financial system
The thinking market
Distribution of wealth
The future