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Running a Temperature



Penny Cole, co-author of
Running a Temperature says:
"G8 summit - a forum for the prevention of action on climate change"

Running a Temperature
“A clear and alternative framework for human existence beyond capitalism together with the best action plan to combat the dire predictions of climate
change I have seen.”
Dr Boris Kelly-Gerreyn,
marine scientist


Running a Temperature

Running a Temperature is a punchy analysis of the underlying causes of the destruction of the planet’s eco-systems. It locates the source of climate chaos within the wasteful capitalist system of production and the intensity of the last 30 years of corporate-driven globalisation. It sets out detailed action plans to tackle the eco-crisis and is the first in a series of pocket guides scheduled for publication this year.


Introduction by editor Paul Feldman

Chapter 1: A clear and present danger
Bad for the planet’s health
Destroying the planet
The road to perdition
Food for thought
From agriculture to chemi-culture

Chapter 2: The tipping point
Wild weather
The battle for resources
Species extinction speeds up
Heating up the planet

Chapter 3: Why capitalism is unsustainable
Three decades of failed summitry
Leaving it to the market
Carbon trading
Adapting to the TNCs
It’s not just about individuals
The population myth

Chapter 4: An action plan for the eco-crisis
Action plan to halt climate chaos
Our proposals – energy
Our proposals – transport
Our proposals – the economy
Our proposals – food
Our proposals – international co-operation
Our future