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Press Release: East meets West on the battlefield of poetry

"Bringing together these two soldier-poets from different times, countries and wars has resulted in a fascinating study not only of the psychological traumas that were common to both (which they shared with millions of other ordinary soldiers), but of the way in which both poets felt that writing poetry was the only way they could survive the war. They both made it their primary purpose, to tell the world of the brutality of war and the pity of it from the point of view of the soldiers who had to do the fighting."

Review by Peter Arkell

Seeds of BulletsSeeds of Bullets

Sura Hussein Mohammed Ali

A psychological study of war poems by Wilfred Owen and Adnan al-Sayegh

As a conscript on the frontlines of the Iran-Iraq war, Adnan al-Sayegh lived in constant fear of losing his life. Not surprisingly he found a kindred spirit in the English war poet Wilfred Owen. Sura Hussein’s book sets al-Sayegh in the context of his peers in Iraq and the Arab world, opening up a window on resistance to dictatorship and war especially for English-speaking readers.

"Sura Hussein Mohammed Ali’s timely and courageous study of poets from different epochs and places will help promote the work of Wilfred Owen and Adnan al-Sayegh – both passionate opponents of war – in each other’s cultures and enhance the literary dialogue between the two." Jenny Lewis

Seeds of Bullets is an edited version of Sura Hussein Mohammed Ali’s MA thesis, written in English and submitted to the University of Baghdad.


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