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‘Unmasking the State is contemporary Marxist critique at its finest, combining the best attributes of a sourcebook and primer as a means to prepare the rank-and-file, street level activists for a battle that is as much cerebral as it is concrete.’

Review by Mike Bessler


A classical analysis of the crisis in British democracy

Review by Charley Allan in Morning Star

Author Paul Feldman talks about his book

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Unmasking the State

ISBN: 978-0-9523454-5-9 | 88 pages

"This is a trenchant and timely re-statement of the classical Marxist analysis of the nature of the capitalist state, brought up to date. The author has combined a concise survey of the bloody history of the British state and empire, with illuminating critiques of a number of recently popular accounts, for example those of John Holloway, and Hardt and Negri. The aim is to show 'how seemingly disparate struggles for rights can find their lasting solution in the struggle for democratic power itself', and he sets out his ideas as to what a democratic state might look like. This well-informed and sophisticated book can be recommended to students and activists alike."
Bill Bowring, Professor of Law
Birkbeck College, University of London

Unmasking the State

a rough guide to real democracy

by Paul Feldman

Analyses the historical origins of the contemporary British capitalist state and the long struggle for democracy and political rights, from the Levellers to the Chartists and beyond. Describes the changes to the state under globalisation and how representative democracy has been undermined. Makes a series of proposals for a new, transitional state to extend democracy into workplaces and society as a whole.


Chapter 1: The ‘mystery’ of the state
a theory of the state
the making of the state

Chapter 2: The struggle for democracy
the Radical movement
the Chartists
the Suffragettes
the right to vote

Chapter 3: A market state
‘hollowing out’
an authoritarian state
growing inequality

Chapter 4: The voice of the people
bypassing the state
the voice of the people

Chapter 5: A way forward
democratic rights
economic and social rights
law and the legal system
crime and punishment
the police and the secret state
state administration