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A World to Win
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A World to Win
A World to Win: the book
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-1-1
370 Pages

A World to Win - the book

A rough guide to a future without global capitalism

By Paul Feldman & Corinna Lotz


Foreword by Peter McLaren

Part One - globalisation and its consequences

  1. Alien nation [pdf file 432kb]
  2. The global corporate web [pdf file 180kb]
  3. From welfare state to market state [pdf file 160kb]
  4. All consuming culture [pdf file 103kb]
  5. Simply not natural [pdf file 540kb]
  6. Tying science to business [pdf file 109kb]

Part Two - ideas for the 21st century

  1. Transforming the economy [pdf file 1,084kb]
    + News from the future: when health comes first
  2. Reconstructing the state [pdf file 151kb]
    + Education and the future: a transantlantic dialogue
  3. Culture for all [pdf file 110kb]
  4. Action plan for the ecological crisis [pdf file 273kb]

Part Three - a revolutionary change is necessary

  1. It’s in our nature [pdf file 407kb]
  2. Challenging the ideas of the status quo [pdf file 129kb]
    + The significance of postmodernism
    + Is globalisation just a policy?
  3. The case for a revolutionary party [pdf file 226kb]
    + The real origins of Stalinism
  4. De-alienation, regime change and power [pdf file 413kb]