A World to Win (AWTW) is a membership, group-structured, networked, democratic organisation.

AWTW’s strategic aims are:

AWTW works to show how diverse movements point to the need for a struggle for power against capitalism. This is achieved by mass, co-ordinated action through a movement that has established a democratic, collaborative leadership which AWTW takes part in creating.

Membership is open to all those who support AWTW’s overall aims.  

In so far as they are able, all members should:

Group structure

We base ourselves on a group structure reflecting priorities and interests decided by all members. Members join one or more groups which operate under the principles of:

Groups are accountable to the AWTW conference and the Co-ordinating Group for meeting agreed work programmes. Core groups include: ecology, arts & culture, communications, international, education and training and trade union. Proposals for other groups can be made by any member.

AWTW org chart

Co-ordinating Group

The Co-ordinating Group is made up of chairs and convenors of each group together with the secretariat. It will meet at least six times a year. All members of AWTW have the right to attend and speak at meetings of the Co-ordinating Group. The agenda and any documents are made available in advance and decisions circulated to all members.

The Co-ordinating Group will formulate AWTW’s overall strategy and be responsible for education and training. It will co-ordinate research, proposals, campaigns, policies and action across the separate Groups, deal with membership issues and communicate the organisation’s policies.


Elected by the annual AWTW conference, the Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. It is accountable as well as subordinate to the Co-ordinating Group. The secretariat is made up of: chair, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer and communications editor and may co-opt other members.