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David Peace, author of the acclaimed Red Riding Quartet and GB84 about the British miners’ strike:

It‘s over 150 years since Marx and Engels first threw down the gauntlet and declared there was “a world to win.” In 2004, Paul Feldman and Corinna Lotz have taken up that challenge. This book is both an answer to apathy and a blueprint for change – change which draws its inspiration from the millions of people who marched against the war in Iraq, the millions who have had enough of war and terror, fear and lies, and who still believe in public health and education for all, in tolerance and equality. Who believe in and deserve change.


Professor Bill Bowring, Professor of Human Rights & International Law, London Metropolitan University:

This “rough guide” to a non-capitalist future is a manifesto which succeeds in combining polemic with some serious research. The authors state their proposed alternatives boldly, and on the basis of a sophisticated understanding of Marxism. For example, their section on the state is unusually well-informed on issues such as the role of law and the rule of law. This new book will re-pay study by all students of alternatives.


Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Leader of the Muslim Parliament of
Great Britain:

At a time when political parties and nation states have become sub-systems of profit-driven globalisation, the world’s future appears full of gloom and doom. A World to Win is a breath of fresh air – forceful, logical and absorbing to read.


Steve Fleetwood, senior lecturer, the Department of
Organisation, Work and Technology, Lancaster University:

This is a welcome addition to the growing literature prepared to argue that “There Is An Alternative”. It suggests that the raw materials for a radical and humane alternative to capitalism are very often already to hand. The book pulls no punches and its hard-hitting style will no doubt invite criticism. But this is exactly why it was written and deserves to be read.


Professor Peter McLaren
Division of Urban Schooling
University of California, Los Angeles:

With the writing of this book, humanity is better equipped to face its future and is better prepared to realise the socialist alternative that the world so desperately needs.


David Shayler
ex-MI5 whistleblower:

A World to Win fills in the gap left by the media: well sourced, well researched, a very coherent argument.

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