Gaining PowerGaining Power –
Challenges Facing Activists
Thursday 19 July

NatCAN and NCIA join forces to offer a day of discussion and debate that looks at the ways activists can make a difference Nationally and locally.

Resource For London
356 Holloway Road
London N7 6PA

If you’re taking action on issues affecting local people in your area, want to share tactics with others or find out how to get help to keep you going, then this event is for you!

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Or book a place via the NatCAN website and join in the discussion before and after the event too (you need to sign up to NatCAN first.)

The morning is for discussion on big issues around democracy, markets and community action and includes a presentation about people’s assemblies by A World to Win:

Why is the state and its role such an important subject area for people here?

Is the state ‘neutral’ between competing interests? Or does it reflect in its working the power of the most powerful?

A corporatocracy? What’s in a word?

What are the forces driving the changes in how the state performs and functions compared to say 30 years ago?

Is contracting out/privatising a mistaken dogma or something more sinister?

Is the continued incorporation by the state of the voluntary/third sector inevitable?

If not, what are the alternatives? 

The afternoon is about getting real and hearing from people active in different areas including anti-racist, anti-privatisation, providing local services and solidarity networks. We’ll be looking at how to keep going and figuring out what support activists need.

There will be plenty of chance for discussion. And lunch.