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Zero Carbon Britain: Rethinking the Future - report by Centre for Alternative Technology

Two energy futures: a new infographic that shows how it's possible to give everyone on the planet enough energy for a good quality of life using only renewable power



AWTW resources

Unmasking the State

Running a Temperature

Structural Causes of Climate Change: A World to Win’s contribution to the discussion for the Cochabamba Conference 19-22 April 2010

Transforming human/nature relations – lessons from the past and the present: a look at the history of the Stalinist regimes of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

Communicating the Revolution II

Training weekend 20/21 July 2013

Part B: A rough guide to the state

Aim: To provide students with an understanding of the nature of the state, democracy and power with a view to developing the manifesto.

Part C: The eco-crisis: sources and solutions

Aim: To provide students with an understanding of the eco-crisis with a view to developing the manifesto – towards a co-evolution of humans and nature.

Additional presentations

Poetry reading by Adnan al-Sayegh

Adnan al-Sayegh reads his poems about freedom from Pages from the Biography of an Exile in Arabic. The English translation by Stephen Watts and Marga Burgui Artajo, is read by Corinna Lotz. Introduced by Julie Timbrell.

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