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Revolutionary Solutions
  • Strategy for a global crisis
  • Claiming democracy for the
  • Transforming the economy
  • Creating a sustainable future
  • Freeing culture and education
    from profit
  • A democratic organisation

Revolutionary Solutions 2011

A Manifesto

This new draft of the Manifesto of Revolutionary Solutions reflects the tremendous changes that have taken place over the last year since the publication of the previous version.

The revolutions of the Arab Spring have joined the growing resistance in the major capitalist countries to the impact of the global economic and financial crisis. As governments struggle to contain uprisings, mass protests, general strikes and student occupations, the challenge is to go beyond resistance.

Each struggle in every country directly and immediately poses the question of taking power out of the hands of the ruling political and economic elites. Not a single step forward can be taken while the power remains in the hands of corporations, investment banks and the state.

The abandonment of the task of halting global warming and accelerated climate change is verifiable proof of this. After the failure of the Copenhagen summit, world leaders went to Cancun in Mexico – and agreed to do nothing. Remaining competitive through cost cutting is the priority and reducing carbon emissions is not affordable, in their terms.

At the heart of A World to Win’s strategy is the building of a network of People’s Assemblies in every community, town and city to work for a transfer of power away from capitalist states in each country and into the hands of the dispossessed majority.

Like previous versions, this Manifesto is presented for the widest possible consultation in the coming months. We will respond to comments and proposals made and incorporate them into a revised edition.

You are warmly invited to be part of this important project which is aimed at contributing to the development of a strategy whose aim is revolutionary transformation.

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