Calling all film makers

Make a pitch with a difference on Thursday November 5 – Guy Fawkes night!
Fast Forward Film Club invites you to pitch concepts for films to promote A World to Win and to inspire people into action, to move beyond the capitalist system.

We are not looking for finished scripts – we’re looking for ideas. The aim is to put together a team with a view to making a film for A World to Win along the lines set out in the brief below (and other films in the future).

Ideas can be pitched of any length and of any genre, but should take into account that A World to Win works with modest budgets.

You will have a five-minute slot to present your ideas to a panel; everyone who comes along will able to discuss, offer feedback and network.

Anyone who wants to help is also free to come along and contribute.

Please bring a pitching document including a half page synopsis with you. If you can’t make it on the night, send us your synopsis and someone will pitch it on your behalf. We are also looking for people who can work on the screenplay, direct, shoot, record sound, edit, scout locations, act, provide v/o, or contribute to making films in any way.

This is a fantastic opportunity to use the latest cameras, sound and editing set-ups, and to work with experienced trainers at a state-of-the-art facility near London Bridge. Working outside the profit-driven film business, you can develop your skills with like-minded people who want to use film to create a better future.

Journey Planner

The films that come out of this process will be promoted on A World to Win’s website, British and international film festivals and other platforms. Creators and contributors will get full credit. 

The pitching event will be from 6-9pm, on Thursday, November 5 in the upstairs function room at the Constitution Pub, 42 Churton Street, Pimlico, London, SW1V 2LP.
The Constitution is six minutes’ walk from Victoria or Pimlico rail and tube stations. Buses 2, 36, 185, 436, 24 all stop near by.




Use a story or stories of individuals or groups to unlock, introduce or open the way to, the three giant, interconnected global crises:

1.   finance/economic and its impact on people - poverty, loss of  homes and jobs - young people on scrapheap.
2.   climate/eco-system/species survival - global warming affecting millions right now.
3.   democracy - existing state and political parties serve the corporations, remove historic rights, set up police/surveillance state.

A World to Win sets out a deeper understanding that capitalism is THE  big issue and underlies the crises.

We have a vision of a not-for-profit society alternative which will solve these crises.

A World to Win says another world is possible. But it needs a new kind of movement and organisation.

Take advantage of today's crisis to make a revolutionary change where people take control.

This requires a leap of faith and courage that we can shape the future.

All welcome.

Thursday 5 November


Constitution Pub
42 Churton Street

Constitution pub