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Finding Evald IlyenkovFinding Evald Ilyenkov

By Corinna Lotz

Finding Evald Ilyenkov reveals how a philosopher considered the most significant theorist of the Soviet era came to influence Nordic, British, American and German thinkers, as well as revolutionary activists.

Written in an accessible style it introduces an uncompromising thinker to new generations searching for dynamic approaches to knowledge and practice.

ISBN: 978-1-916031-81-4 | 64 pages | Published April 2019


Seeds of bulletsSeeds of Bullets

A psychological study of war poems by
Wilfred Owen and Adnan al-Sayegh

By Sura Hussein Mohammed Ali

144 pages | £8.99
ISBN 978-0-952345-49-7

Fracking CapitalismFracking Capitalism

Action Plans for the Eco-Social Crisis

Second Edition: Exposes what’s behind the corporate-state plan to frack Britain and what we can do about it.

By a special A World to Win writing team:

Penny Cole, Matt Worsdale, Gerry Gold and Donald McQueen. Edited by Paul Feldman. Photos by Peter Arkell.

2nd edition April 2014 | 56 pages | £3.50
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-8-0

The case for a Real DemocracyThe case for A Real Democracy

A contribution to the campaign for an Agreement of the People for the 21st century

Ed. Paul Feldman
Contributors: Corinna Lotz & Penny Cole

56 pages | £2.50 | ISBN: 978-0-9523454-7-3

A World to Win’s editorial team has brought together a selection of our blogs on the crisis of democracy and the state, as a contribution to the growing discussion on a way forward.

Revolutionary Solutions 2011Revolutionary Solutions 2011

A Manifesto

52 pages

Beyond ResistanceBeyond Resistance

fight the cuts: build People's Assemblies

By Gerry Gold & Paul Feldman
44 pages | £2.50

This 44-page booklet analyses the Lib-Con spending cuts in detail. Fact-packed Q&As explain the key features of the global economic and financial crisis. Argues that this provides the chance to develop a non-capitalist, democratic economy and society. Puts forward wide-ranging policy solutions and makes the case for creating People’s Assemblies to take forward the struggle against the Coalition government.

Written by Gerry Gold & Paul Feldman, authors of the best-selling A House of Cards – from fantasy finance to global crash.

Unmasking the State
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-6-6
Publisher: Lupus Books

Unfinished Business

the miners' strike for jobs 1984-5

By Peter Arkell & Ray Rising
96 pages | 80 photos: £7.99

Now that the economic and financial crash is joined by a deep political crisis within the British state, the opportunities are present for picking up where the miners were forced to leave off. Their insistence in 1984-5 on placing social needs before profit is just as critical and essential a quarter of a century later. Miners showed that workers will fight for an alternative to the wilful destruction of jobs and communities by capitalism if they have a firm and principled leadership. Our challenge today is to build a movement that will complete the unfinished business of the miners' strike.

Unmasking the State
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-5-9
Publisher: Lupus Books

Unmasking the State

a rough guide to real democracy

By Paul Feldman
88 pages: £3.99
Kindle version $1, £1, €1

Analyses the historical origins of the contemporary British capitalist state and the long struggle for democracy and political rights, from the Levellers to the Chartists and beyond. Describes the changes to the state under globalisation and how representative democracy has been undermined. Makes a series of proposals for a new, transitional state to extend democracy into workplaces and society as a whole.


A House of Cards
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-3-5
Publisher: Lupus Books

A House of Cards

from fantasy finance to global crash

By Gerry Gold & Paul Feldman
88 pages

Your guide to understanding the crisis that is sweeping through the global financial system and what it means for ordinary people.

A House of Cards provides a lucid and accessible introduction to the concepts and contradictions underpinning the system, and outlines the changes that need to happen for a more sustainable and equitable future.”
Kevin Smith, author of The Carbon Neutral Myth


A World to Win book
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-1-1
Publisher: Lupus Books

A World to Win

A rough guide to a future without global capitalism

By Paul Feldman & Corinna Lotz
370 pages: £9.99



ISBN: 978-0-9523454-4-2
Publisher: Lupus Books


40 pages with photos and illustrations

quoteThe building of an independent revolutionary movement that can inspire and lead the challenge for power itself remains the most crucial lesson from 1968unquote


Running a Temperature
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-2-8
Publisher: Lupus Books

Running a Temperature

an action plan for the eco-crisis

By Penny Cole & Philip Wade
64 pages

Running a Temperature is a punchy analysis of the underlying causes of the destruction of the planet’s eco-systems.

“A clear and alternative framework for human existence beyond capitalism together with the best action plan to combat the dire predictions of climate
change I have seen.”
Dr Boris Kelly-Gerreyn, marine scientist



A World to Win
ISBN: 978-0-9523454-0-4
Publisher: Lupus Books

Gerry Healy: A revolutionary life

by Corinna Lotz and Paul Feldman
Foreword by Ken Livingstone
380 pages: Reduced price £10 + p&p

Irish-born Gerry Healy (1913-1989) joined the Communist Party whilst a merchant seaman, only to be expelled for Trotskyism during the Spanish civil war. He became a leading figure in the Fourth International. In Britain he founded the Socialist Labour League and in 1973, the Workers Revolutionary Party.

The book is divided into two parts, which cover the whole of Gerry Healy's life. The first part is a personal account of the last four and a half years of his life, when Corinna Lotz was his political secretary and close collaborator. The second part outlines Healy's work in the revolutionary movement from his arrival in England in 1928 up until 1985. The authors draw on party documents as well as their own personal experiences.

In the centre of the book is a fold-out section showing the projection of the path of cognition developed as a teaching aid by Gerry Healy.

Other publications

Leninist Dialectics and the Metaphysics of Positivism by E V Ilyenkov