Peyoti for President
Planetman and the Internationalz
Rob da Rub
Sean Redmond
Millie Moonstone
Mark Hole




Dylan Strain
Mike Freedman
WhatsHerName (Radical politics in a see-thru dress)



Revolutions per Minute

Friday May 4 at The Cross Kings Peyoti for President & frendz

Peyoti for PresidentRob da RubSean RedmondMilliMilli MoonstoneMilli MoonstonePlanetman & the InternationalzMike FreedmanWhatshernameRob da RubDylan StrainMark HolePeyoti

A night of unity in the face of Climate Change - Revolutions per Minute was a very special event.

An outstanding gathering of musicians gave their all at the Cross Kings on May 4th in support of Peyoti for President’s call for a night of unity in the face of climate change.

Performance poet Mike Freedman warmed up the audience with his special brand of down-to-earth-in-your-face humour.

Whatsevername (the radical stand-up in a see-thru dress) looked at things through the eyes of an ordinary woman - denouncing low pay, deriding McDonald’s, commercialism, politicians and the world in general.

Dylan Strain taking the p—s out of Blair and Brown's gesture green politics, - a good deal of global warming was down to hot air produced in Parliament.

A great start to the music, Rob da Rub's versatile performance had us dancing, his unique use of drop in samples and basslines on his self-constructed board adding hugely to his potent political playing.

Sean Redmond's solo performance continued to grab the audience with guitar, song and powerful lyrics – a kind of cross between rap and performance poetry with astonishing silences.

Milli Moonstone offered a gorgeous voice accompanied by variety of instruments, flute, pipes and sarangi.

Planetman’s brass section was especially exciting

Special mention/thanks to Fiachra – Cross Kings sound man

Stramonium – the dj

Kali – Peyoti for President’s bass player who also played for Milli Moonstone and Planetman.

High octane guitar slinger Peyoti rounded off the evening, but was cut short by need to end at 2am…. Had to disappoint his fans who were demanding more.

His percussionists from Brazil and Africa deserve a mention.

Sordid Soup Productions is bringing together some of the best international artists who care about what's going on in the world and aim to release the album "Wake Up - Rise Up" in the summer. We need money to do all this so we have put on what is going to be a great evening of music, politics and unity. Please come and get involved if you really care. This non-profit venture is helping to promote the organisation A World to Win

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