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Talent sparkles at Waterloo

The Stand Up for Your Rights festival was a great success. It brought together a wide range of speakers and campaigners in a unique way to celebrate the way in which people have stood up for their rights in the past and how this struggle continues today. Contributions ranged over political, economic and legal rights, the rights of women and ethnic minorities and the right to live in harmony with nature. Above all, as A World to Win secretary Corinna Lotz noted, we need to secure a social order where rights are guaranteed and cannot be taken away by governments or employers.

The festival premiered Putney Principles and Unfinished Business, which dramatised flashpoints in British history when the defence of rights became a revolutionary question. The plays, which were specially written for the festival, brought to life characters like Leveller Colonel Rainborough (Steven Ross), Welsh Chartist Zephaniah Williams (Anir Roy) and the revolutionary writer Helen MacFarlane (Annamaria Adams).

Many people signed up to the Charter for Democracy and browsed at the bookstall where Paul Feldman's pioneering book Unmasking the State, was on sale for the first time.

Three singer-songwriters - David Goo, The Carbon Town Cryer and Corneilius plus Peyoti for President's new band provided original music and comedy during the interval. The Talking Trees ensemble, which included five didgeridoos, was mesmerising. An installation by NOMADS provided food for the imagination – in black and white. A timeline exhibition and new film showed key events in the history of the connection between the struggle for democracy and social rights.

You can find out more about the speakers and performers here.

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