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An Agreement of the People for 2012

In the light of the ConDems plan to turn Britain into a total market state and Ed Miilband’s plan for Labour to “save capitalism from itself”, we present a 2012 draft of the Agreement of the People (with deference to the Levellers and their 1647 version debated at Putney).

Whereas the current British state political system is undemocratic and unjust in that:    

We therefore declare that the present state is a barrier to the real democratic control of society and has effectively disenfranchised the 99%. We therefore propose an initiative that has as its aim the transformation of the present political system along democratic lines.

We propose the goals of building a new, independent and decentralised democracy, from below, creating an inclusive written constitution that serves to protect and enhance our liberty and embraces the aspirations of the powerless majority.

To reach these goals we aim to:  

We advocate a new constitution for a 21st century democracy, moving from a constitutional monarchy to a constitutional democracy. This new constitution should have as its guiding principles:

The rights set out below, which a new constitution would incorporate, should form the basis of the new democratic state:

Human and social rights

Economic rights

Environmental rights

Indigenous rights

Paul Feldman
Communications editor
21 September 2012

A version of this draft was first presented at a democracy day school held by Occupy's Real Democracy Working Group in London.

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Veronica Ball says:

I applaud this: however the 8th statement [local government has lost its relative autonomy and is now reduced to carrying out central government orders and decisions] is factually false as local government was set up simply to prevent embezzlement by local officials of the State. This explains why, from the start female "rate payers" could both vote and stand membership on the council as the government set it so that it had nothing to do political decision making.

Michael McCarthy says:

A clear statement of what's appallingly wrong and what needs to be done. Well done all involved.

Tim Hart says:

An excellent statement. It's getting there that seems to be proving a little problematic!

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