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Big Pharma makes you sick
The fact that the UK government alone wasted £473m on a drug for flu that works no better than paracetamol is an expensive example of how Big Pharma can actually harm your health at the taxpayer’s expense rather than improve it.


Don't let them kill off the NHS
“As long as you’ve got your health.” It’s a refrain I remember my mother sharing with her friends and relations as we were growing up in the 1950s, in the days when the National Health Service, established in 1948, was new.


Austerity is a killer disease
No one should be surprised that the financial and economic crisis is taking its toll on people’s health right across Europe and North America. What would be a surprise, however, is if policy makers and politicians responded positively to shocking research findings.


Big Pharma more of a threat than a cure Big Pharma more of a threat than a cure
The absurd notion that taxpayers should give money to the drugs industry as an incentive to develop a new generation of antibiotics demonstrates how a handful of corporations have their proverbial fingers round society’s throat.


Horsemeat scandal driven by cost-cutting and profit
The horsemeat scandal is easier to explain than to trace. What we have are profit-hungry, self-regulated major retailers using their power to force down prices paid to suppliers who in turn cut their own costs by sourcing raw materials more cheaply.


Bonanza for private sector in NHS 'level playing field
More than 100 healthcare companies are rubbing their hands at the prospect of a major expansion of private, for-profit service provision in the National Health Service. They are also plotting to maximise their profits by sidestepping tax and VAT bills.


Mid-Staffs scandal linked directly to NHS market
In the run-up to the publication of the inquiry into health care tragedies at mid-Staffordshire, the ConDems and the right-wing media are leading the charge against the trust in particular and NHS bureaucracy in general.


Policing and mental health body is 'cosmetic exercise'
The Commission on Policing and Mental Health has been set up following concerns about “how police respond to people with mental health conditions”, according to Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe, Britain’s most senior police officer.


New Labour's PFI legacy poisons NHS
Placing a major healthcare trust in Whitehall-led administration could signal the break-up of the NHS under the cover of a financial crisis that is largely the result of the pro-business policies of previous New Labour governments.


Big Pharma talks patent nonsense
Big Pharma never ceases to surprise but the demand from Novartis that the NHS uses one of its expensive products rather than a cheaper one really takes the biscuit.


'Big Bang' moment will shatter NHS
Even as the bill dismantling the health service completes its journey into law, older people in care homes have already been abandoned in a foretaste of what’s to come.


Corporate body snatchers at work
The patenting of human genes is going on at a terrifying rate. And most people don’t even know that their bodies are being used to generate vast corporate profits.


Profiting from the sick and disabled
Disabled people and their supporters taking part in today’s nationwide action against the company enforcing government benefit cuts have asked doctors and nurses organisations to end their relationship with Atos Healthcare.


Coalition wants 'National Wealth Service' not NHS
The story of 12-year-old Chloe McGarry in Harwich, East Anglia shows the harsh realities that many face when they seek health care.


No going back to Bedlam
Grace, a 92-year-old lady chained herself to the railings in Llandeilo, a small West Wales town, last Friday in protest at the closure of her lifeline day club – one of five shut down by Carmarthenshire County Council.


Older people victims of a market failure
The threatened collapse of Southern Cross, Britain’s biggest care home company, is the latest episode in a crisis that leaves up to a million older people without support, or with care that is often of appallingly poor quality.


Healthcare and markets will make you sick
Even the right-wing Coalition government is well aware that the National Health Service is embedded in the social being of Britain. So while savaging the rest of the public sector, they have committed to real terms increases in health spending. There’s a big sting in the tail, however.


Taking the knife to the NHS
The future fate of public services, whoever comes out on top in the general election, is already taking shape in the National Health Service. Cuts thinly disguised as “efficiency savings” are biting already but they are only the prelude to major reductions in spending and the provision of healthcare.