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Israel continues to get away with murder

If the Israeli government thought it could get away with an act of piracy on the high seas, then it was because it had a green light from Washington and other capitals around the world to act with impunity in defiance of international law.

When the Israelis sent out warnings that it would intercept the aid convoy which set out from Turkey in a bid to break the blockade, the rest of the world said nothing. Worse, Turkey and Greece continued with plans for joint military exercises with Israel which only after the killing of at least 10 activists, who resisted when the ships were attacked, have they called off.

Washington officially supports the barbaric blockade of Gaza imposed in 2007. President Obama has simply continued with the policy of his predecessor which has created the biggest prison camp in the world aka Gaza. European Union governments, by refusing to recognise Hamas after its election victory, have sustained this policy.

Obama's support for the rogue state of Israel predictably led to a watering down of the Security Council statement issued today. It condemns only “those acts” that led to the assault, avoiding the mention of Israel directly, and asks for an “impartial investigation”. A call for the end of the blockade is noticeable by its absence. What a farce the United Nations has become, its resolutions demanding an end to Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza gathering dust since they were passed decades ago.

With the help of the deeply reactionary Mubarak regime in Cairo, Israel has forced most of Gaza’s 1.5 million people into abject poverty and ill health through a blockade that resembles a medieval siege. Last year, a military assault killed more than 1,500 Palestinians and destroyed key plant and infrastructure. According to Amnesty International, the people of Gaza are victims of a systematic act of collective punishment by Israel’s government.

The blunt truth is that the present Israeli government has no intention of conceding an inch on the right of the Palestinians to self-determination. Knowing that Washington is a paper tiger on the matter, the Israelis continue apace with settlement building and the takeover of East Jerusalem.

Prime minister Netanyahu was on his way to Washington when the attack on the ships took place. He was due to agree to talks about talks with the Palestinians. Of course, he turned back en route to deal with the crisis that has resulted. How convenient the attack proved!

Netanyahu and company can't solve the problem of Gaza peacefully because that would call into question the whole basis for the state of Israel and the occupation, which is a key factor in the growth of the economy. Settlement building is big business – and it is done with cheap Palestinian labour.

But the gap between rich and poor in Israel itself is wider than ever. Palestinians inside the country are the poorest – and are now flexing their muscles. The authorities are currently prosecuting an Israeli Arab leader of the boycott movement, Ameer Makhoul. He was tortured into making a false confession, and is now on trial for his life.

In the end it is only action within Israel itself and a change of direction on the part of the Palestinians through the emergence of a new leadership that can change the situation. Ultimately, the “humanitarian” campaigns do not provide the answers. Palestinians need a fresh framework for the Intifada, which connects with the poor in Israel and exposes the relationship between Zionism and capitalism.

Hamas and Fatah between them have led the Palestinians into a dead end. A new, united way forward based on a single, secular state in the region for both Jew and Arab is not only necessary but is now patently the only realistic option.

Paul Feldman
Communications editor
1 June 2010

Jonathan says:

Robert Fisk has written in his THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILISATION, THE CONQUEST OF THE MIDDLE EAST in response to requests to open up the issue of the attack on the flotilla on that site.

I would criticise Fisk’s acceptance of responsibility of what was carried out in those secret treaties, in boardroom plans, his constant (and nearly always self-deprecating) statements, that ‘we created this, let us aid those left with the mess’: though I accept he does that by his writings: reading the 1,200 pages of his book, I began to hear in my sleep his ‘we’, ‘we’, we’, ‘us’, ‘us’, ‘us’!

In the sense of going to war, in the sense of the settlements between the victors, let responsibility lie where it should. Robert Fisk’s father Bill, therefore, would have found it harder to hear the calls by the revolutionary leaderships that fought to place themselves at the vanguard, as were millions of others of our forbears.

It only led to success as a platform after the slaughter had nearly bleed Europe (and sections of Asia and Africa) dry. The above demonstrates the issue of leadership ‘just won’t go away’, whoever twists and turns the sting. Promises of salvation and ‘our way of life’ even as it turns sour for tens of millions are peddled by the most advanced propaganda machines and ‘religious’ leaderships Far from having no intention of stopping building on the West Bank and in Jerusalem, as Fisk reminds us, the Israeli state has its eyes on Syria and Jordan. America – especially those that planned the attack on Iraq being completely aware of this – facilitates it. In propaganda terms, there is in total agreement and concordance with ‘Eretz Israel’ (Greater Israel). This becomes even more pressing with the PR debacle (and that is how they would view it) of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The treatment of the poor, second and third class citizen means less than the lobby members of U.S and their economic interests. It would, as said above, unite those in these (in terms of their position in the labour process, this class) sections into one unit: and one unit needs one solution. Let the issue of the flotilla forge those links and with their other supporters.

David says:

Israel's disgusting licence to murder innocent civilians at will with literal impunity, is a gift of permission from the most powerful nations amongst which the UK is a conspicuously guilty donor.

Made complicit by our feeble democracy, I live with permanent shame in this matter and with every incident that goes without redress, I (and no doubt millions of others across the country) become the more viscerally angry.

It would be foolish indeed for anyone with the privilege and responsibilities of High Office to assume the complacent belief that such vitriol simply dissipates with time, for it is not in the nature of man for unresolved grievance of such a depth to do anything but fester and rage for an outlet.

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