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Revealed: those Cable-Miliband texts

We have been offered details of some the frequent texts exchanged between Vince Cable, the business secretary and leading Lib Dem, and Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour Party.

How they were obtained, we don’t know. But we thought the “public interest” would be best served by publishing extracts. These cover exchanges from early September this year and go right up until yesterday afternoon. Enjoy!

What do u think of my predistribution speech? Need fairer, responsible capitalism. This is my big idea.
Sent @ 16.42 Sep 6

Great idea imo. Redistribution old hat now!!!! LDs can support predistribution.
Sent @ 16.59 Sep 6

Ed: If bosses play ball we could save billions in pub spending. Genius stuff from US
Sent @ 17.02 Sep 6

Deficit getting worse. So every penny we can save…
Sent @ 17.04 Sep 6

Great to be on with Ed [Balls, shadow chancellor] on Marr’s show. Bit of a stir when I said was on centre-left!!!!!
Sent @ 14.17 Sep 9

Left/right not issue anymore imo. System needs sorting. Ed’s ego a prob tho!
Sent @ 15.19 Sep 9

Bros gave Ed bad time at TUC. What’s wrong with them? Thgt they were all signed up?
Sent @ 18.30 Sep 11

Think they own me!!! Don’t want to know abt deficit. Pay freeze right for country. Glad Ed was there and not me!!!
Sent @19.07 Sep 11

Hope my plans on emp tribs ok with you? [Cable is to consult on curbing employment tribunal payouts and other restrictions]
Sent @ 13.05 Sep 14

No probs! Too much conflict in the system. Sort it out Vince!
Sent @ 14.27 Sep 14

Hope u liked my int in D Tel. Cld bring our 2 parties closer. Need to wk 2gether after 2015 [date of next general election].
Sent @ 13.20 Sep 15

Great stuff. Liked bit about saving capitalism from itself. Can we do it? Yes we can!!!!!
Sent @14.00 Sep 15

Nick’s [Clegg] apol on fees was amazing. Cldn’t believe it!!!! Whatever next!!! He can’t last. My turn????
Sent @ 11.01 Sep 19

Hope so. Be gt to have u and LDs with us after 2015. Still more cuts to come. So need to wk closer.
Sent @ 11.05 Sep 19

Vince: Polls show you well ahead. Cld u manage without LDs after 2015? Pity if so.
Sent @ 14.25 Sep 21

Ed: Don’t worry. Public don’t really like any of us. Will they vote? Will need each other imo.
Sent @ 15.08 Sep 21

Vince: Bit lonely in govt. Most Tories won’t speak to me!!!! Keep telling myself in govt in nat interest. Not sure anymore!!!!
Sent @ 8.50 Sep 23

Ed: Don’t worry. You’ve got a friend in me [believed to be a Toy Story reference]. Tories are out of touch.
Sent @ 8.52 Sep 23

Ed: Great speech at ur conf Vince. Lvd stuff about Tory headbangers and plebs. Small business bank right way to go.
Sent @ 15.58 Sep 24

Vince: Cheers! They love me here. Nick is done for imo. I could relaunch LDs in time for 2015. But u know LDs. They can’t make up their minds!!!!!
Sent @ 16.20 Sep 24

Ed: I’m here for you. There’s a new third way and we’ve found it.
Sent @ 16.25 Sep 24

25 September 2012

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