Front line latest

Muhammad AliWhen Muhammad Ali wowed a South London school

In memory of Muhammad Ali, who visited this school in Brixton out of the kindness of his heart.

Story and photos by Peter Arkell

Baghdad rising like a phoenix from the ashes

Sura Hussein Mohammed Ali explains why she chose an unusual subject for her thesis – and what it’s like for a woman to live in today’s Baghdad.

Corinna Lotz reports.


Occupy DemocracyFestive start to Occupy Democracy’s election action

Occupy Democracy’s 10-day festival outside Parliament kicked off on May Day. Report by Corinna Lotz; photos Peter Arkell.

FBU rallyFire minister accused of lying over pensions as firefighters strike

Photo report by Paul Feldman

Anti-Trident demonstrators circle Ministry of Defence

Photo report by Peter Arkell