Pensions demoPensions strike gets massive backing

Hundreds of thousands of trade unionists supported the call to strike in defence of their pension rights. They staged rallies and marches throughout Britain. Prison officers defied a ban on industrial action by staging protest walk-outs.

It was the third of a series of one-day strikes. The main union involved, the civil servants PCS, reported solid backing from their members who picketed courts, museums, government departments, job centres and other public buildings.

Big support came from the lecturers' union, UCU. They are angry that salaries are already being docked in extra contributions even though no agreement has been reached with the government.

Photos: Peter Arkell

Pensions demo
Pensions demo
Pensions demo

The strike coincided with a march in London of around 30,000 police officers – a fifth of the total workforce. They are angry at job cuts and attacks on their pensions. Police marched past Parliament and the Home Office.

Police demo
Police demo Police demoDowning Street
Not all police were marching. This one was protecting Downing Street while his colleagues marched past.

10 May 2012

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