Beyond Resistance


Extending democracy

A Britain based on local and regional People’s Assemblies would aim to democratise society as a whole in new ways:

Co-ownership of resources. The key areas of the production and financial process, including land, would transfer from private shareholder ownership into forms of co-ownership. These resources would be held in trust by locally-elected bodies and placed under democratic control.

The workplace. All workers should have the right to democracy at work, whether in a factory, hospital call centre, in public transport, civil service, local government, offices, shops, schools, colleges or university. All major decisions would require the consent of the workforce. Self-management would be encouraged in place of hierarchies.

Education. School, college and university students and staff should get the right to take part in the running of their institutions.

The principles for a transitional democratic state could include:

  1. self-organisation throughout society where possible
  2. involving as many people as possible in governing and administration
  3. an end to special privileges and incomes for state officials
  4. total accountability and subordination of all officials to elected bodies
  5. elections for all public offices
  6. complete transparency and openness at all levels
  7. new legal and justice systems based on community control and self-policing.

Democratic rights

Rights to liberty and freedom from arbitrary arrest will be reaffirmed in unconditional and positive terms in a Bill of Rights. There would be explicit rights to:

  1. Habeas Corpus, requiring people arrested to be brought to court and charged or released immediately
  2. free and equal legal representation
  3. freedom from state surveillance and interception of communications
  4. inspect freely all data held by the state and other bodies
  5. organise, associate, demonstrate and strike independently of the state
  6. free movement of people based on ‘no borders’ principles.

Economic and social rights

A new constitution would enshrine enforceable rights in a charter. They should include:

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