Real Democracy ‘a global movement’

Photo report by Corinna Lotz and Peter Arkell

Young Spaniards living in London gather every evening and at weekends in front of their embassy to campaign for the Real Democracy Now movement.

Spanish demo

IvanIvan runs a web-based television site called, which features footage of Real Democracy camps and assemblies around the world - the May 29 protests at La Bastille in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Sydney, Gothenburg, New York and Miami.

“I support the democracy movement that began in Madrid on May 15,” Ivan said. “I’ve been here outside the embassy every day since Wednesday May 18. I would like to achieve sustainability so that the movement continues over time. A new movement has been born. Things can change fast. We need to be careful and afterwards we’ll see!”

Ivan believes that last week’s confrontation in Barcelona, when riot police attacked the camp in Plaza Catalunya was a test to see if the movement really is peaceful. “The movement answered the police in a peaceful way,” he said. “It’s a global movement”.

LauraLaura has been living in London for ten years. She is here, she explained, because it was simply impossible to make use of her skills or find a career back home in Madrid.

“I moved to London to study ten years ago. The situation in Spain was already very bad back then – in terms of jobs and any hopes for young people.

“Now it’s even worse. Unemployment stands at 20 per cent generally. Around half of all young people can not find work. Every time I go back to Spain it is worse. The politicians are so corrupt. They should be representing us but they don’t.

“I’ve always been active here in London and back home and now I feel there is some hope. People are going to the streets and saying Enough! It’s not just in Spain – it’s a global movement. People have had enough. But I’m pretty disappointed that there isn’t much coverage in Britain of the protests!”

Spanish demo

Spain demoMaking the banner for the big match at Wembley between Barcelona and Manchester United

31 May 2011

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