Day 4: #OccupyLSX

Report and pictures by Peter Arkell

The Occupy LSX campers outside St. Paul’s Cathedral in London continued the job of tightening up procedures and organising the basic routines of camp life on the fourth day yesterday, as they prepared for a long stay.

Occupy LSX
Displaying the press cuttings

Working groups to organise portable toilets, re-cycling facilities, food and drink, relations with the media, tent repairs etc all reported back to the logistics meeting held in the early afternoon yesterday. There was an appeal for the site to become an alcohol-free space.

Workshops have been organised including one on “The Alternative Economy”, and spontaneous meetings are held all over the site as issues are discussed between the campers and with members of the public, many of them City workers in suits. Many of these “tourists” expressed their support for the action.

Occupy LSX

Occupy LSX

Occupy LSX Occupy LSX

A cold and strong north-westerly wind got up yesterday which made problems for the tents, as pegs cannot be used. Some tents are tied to drains, others are secured to weights, and some are lashed together to prevent them blowing away.


New placards and banners have gone up attacking corporate greed, with one calling for the composting of capitalism. One of the campers, Bob, who is from the north of England, in an interview with A World to Win said this was the first time he had protested in his life.

“This is something new,” he said.

“This is important and it is time to attach myself to it. Someone has knocked over the first domino and while the others are falling down, we can’t quite see the full picture, but we are challenging the people who are ignoring the real problems.

“I don’t know exactly where we are going, but everyone wants to engage. It’s not football or Strictly Come Dancing that we are talking about, but what is happening to the world and the future. Democracy is absolutely important to us and the way we carry on in the camp.

“We don’t live in a proper democracy, it’s an illusion that we do. We’ve got a small city function here, and there is harmony and we are creating the solutions as we encounter the problems. I am happy this is working with the will of the people here.”

Occupy LSX
Meeting on the Alternative Economy

Occupy LSX

Above: The logistics meeting yesterday
Below: Curious observers listening to one of the meetings at the camp-site yesterday

Occupy LSX

19 October 2011

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