Day 6: #OccupyLSX

Report and pictures by Paul Feldman

Day 6 of the Occupy the London Stock Exchange action saw attempts to maintain good relations with the St Paul’s cathedral authorities. They are concerned about visitor numbers and activists have made sure that there is clear access to the steps of the cathedral.

But as the number of tents outside St Paul’s cathedral continued to grow, the church authorities have started to distance themselves further from the original welcoming statement by Canon Giles Fraser.

Officials claimed that the increased "scale and nature of the protest camp" had forced the authorities to review its policy of remaining open. A statement added: "Is it now time for the protest camp to leave?”

Occupy LSX day 6
A musical interlude, which finished in time for a church service to start in peace

But there was no sign that visitors were being put off by the occupation of the space to the right of the cathedral steps. They were pouring through in their usual numbers, ready to pay £14.50 to visit the cathedral.

One of the supporters of the camp, Ronan McNern, has been talking almost daily to the church authorities and said the two sides were "working on addressing" the issue.

Occupy LSX day 6
John Christensen from the Tax Justice Network held a workshop at Occupy LSX yesterday

Meanwhile, the camp is organising workshops, a library, music performances and wide-ranging assemblies to discuss a variety of issues.

Occupy LSX day 6 Occupy LSX day 6
Occupy LSX day 6 Occupy LSX day 6

Many City workers and tourists stopped to examine posters on nearby columns and wandered about the camp to talk to people.

20 October 2011

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