Stop Union victimisation: reinstate Sam Buckley

PCS Branch Secretary Sam Buckley has just become the fifth union officer to be sacked from the Child Support Agency (CSA) in Hastings in two and a half years.

The Public and Commercial Services Union is calling for reinstatement and a full inquiry by the House of Commons DWP Select Committee into the constant bullying, harassment and dismissal of reps and members at CSA Hastings.

A March & Rally have been called for 18th September, Assemble Hastings Pier 1pm for a 1.30pm start marching to the Town Centre. This march is backed by PCS nationally, locally and regionally. Other sponsors so far include Hastings and District Trades Council and South Tyneside Trades Council. For any queries, messages of solidarity, donations or to sponsor the march please contact Sam Buckley on

Our reps victimised

A tribunal found that Branch Chair Eddie Fleming had been unfairly dismissed but management still refused to give him his job back.

Branch treasurer Winston Resalsingh was sacked for asking a manager if he was being discriminated against. The case was heard outside Hastings and the dismissal was overturned on the grounds that managers had failed to show impartiality, demonstrate natural justice and follow or understand procedures.

Undeterred Hastings managers decided to demote him instead. This too was overturned on appeal. Winston was reinstated and paid an out of court settlement. To date he has not had an apology.

An attempt was made to discipline Chris Brambleby, Branch Chair, on the grounds that by representing Winston in his grievance he was insulting the managers whose impartiality had been questioned. This was dropped after it was proved that someone had altered the minutes of a meeting in an apparent attempt to strengthen the case against Chris.

Now Branch Secretary Sam Buckley is being dismissed on grounds of alleged “capability”. The union has, in writing, documents informing him he must be 95 -100 per cent accurate – and others proving the level of accuracy in his command is 50 per cent. Management, as usual, deny discrimination. They further deny this has anything to do with the repeated times Sam, as Secretary has raised with managers that they are breaking their own guidelines/the ACAS code/employment law.

PCS supports our reps and calls for your support

PCS national conference unanimously passed a motion offering full political and organisational support to Hastings branch and its reps and describing CSA Hastings as “the Bermuda triangle of the civil service” – because of the way anyone who stands up to management bullying disappears.

We appeal for the support of all trades unionists and anyone who believes in basic workers’ rights.For more information or to send a message of solidarity please email

29 July 2010

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