Anti-War Assembly in Japan

From 44th International Anti-War Assembly

4 August 2006

Dear Ms Corinna Lotz:

Thank you very much for the message.
It will be printed with the Japanese translation, read at every meeting of the Assembly, and surely encourage Japanese workers and youth.

Masao Yoshida
(For the Executive Committee)

Attached photos:

Okinawa protest
(1) Workers from trade unions and Zengakuren students protesting a US base in Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan, 20% of which is occupied for the US military presence (May 14th 2006)

Students struggle to stop military in Hokkaido
(2) Workers and Zengakuren students struggling to stop a military landing drill on a beach in Hokkaido (northernmost region). The so-called Japanese self-defense forces are rapidly building up for its joint operation with American troops. (July 7th 2006)

From A World to Win

London 31 July 2006

Dear Comrades

A World to Win organisation sends warm greetings of solidarity to the 44th International Anti-War Assembly in Japan.

We stand with the Assembly’s Executive Committee in your condemnation of the occupation of Iraq and the war-mongering activities of the Bush and Blair governments as well as regimes in other countries.

We denounce the “war on terror” as a war OF terror instigated by warmongers in the White House and Downing Street, against elected governments in Palestine and Lebanon and elsewhere.

We condemn the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon taking place at this moment. It could not continue for one day without the backing of the United States and Britain. Israeli munitions, such as bunker-busting bombs, are supplied from the US and flown to Israel via British airports. We therefore call for the defeat and removal of the US and British governments as a precondition for the prevention of full-scale war in the region.

We understand Bush’s “Project for a New American Century”, not simply as a continuation of the old imperialist strategies, but as the capitalist ruling classes’ drive to prop up their faltering system by extending the rule of corporate-driven capitalism into all parts of the world.

Governments throughout the world, including our own in the UK, are increasingly losing all legitimacy. Over the past decades vast sections of people in the US, Britain and many other countries have lost any confidence and trust they may have had in the ability of governments to protect them and provide for their basic needs. This is shown by the decline in numbers of people voting and support for established political parties. We have neither democracy nor representation.

At home, Blair's New Labour government has overturned legal and civil rights legislated over centuries with hundreds of new laws giving unprecedented powers to the police. New Labour’s “anti-terror” policies have led to attacks on totally innocent people such as Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by a state killer squad as he sat peacefully on the London Underground.

That is why A World to Win recently launched a campaign for Rights for a 21st century democracy. We call for a written constitution for a truly democratic, republican Britain.

We call for an end to all occupation and call for the self-determination of peoples in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Yours fraternally

Corinna Lotz
A World to Win

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