Heathrow 13 avoid jail after mass campaign: Hundreds of supporters gathered outside Willesden magistrates court yesterday as environment activists dubbed the Heathrow 13 avoided jail for trespassing at the airport.

Miners stand together: Statement by NUM – The NUM is disturbed by the smears against our union regarding our approach to the conflict in Ukraine

Top down politics is finished, says McDonnell: The old, top-down style of political party was a thing of the past, shadow chancellor John McDonnell told the Croydon Assembly at the weekend while explaining how Jeremy Corbyn had won the Labour leadership election. Report by Paul Feldman.

‘Re-Imagine Democracy – towards a Citizens Convention on the Constitution’: Saturday, November 14

Corbynmania sweeps Croydon: “Whatever the result of the Labour leadership process, we will stay together,” was the rallying call from Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn, addressing over 600 supporters in Croydon this week. Report Corinna Lotz; photos Peter Arkell.

Re-imagining Democracy: Seeking answers to the crisis of democracy in Parliament Square after the election. Photo report.

Democracy to end corruption: Penny Cole's address to the Manchester Assembly for Democracy on 18 April.

Child abuse cover-up in interests of ‘national security’: Shocking cases of abuse of working class children by leading political figures and entertainers point to one of the biggest state cover-ups this country has seen. Investigation by Lilian Pizzichini.

Ukrainian miners union fights against prohibition: Interview with Mykola Koziuberda leader of the Independent Union of Miners (NPG) at the Nikanor Nova mine

Vote 'YES' in Scottish independence referendum: A World to Win calls for a Yes vote in Thursday’s referendum on Scottish independence because we support the right of nations and people to self-determination, a principle established over centuries of struggle throughout the world.

Stop the Russo-Ukraine war: Statement by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (UK)

Ukraine: the Alternative Road Ahead – discussion meeting 9 July 2014, hosted by Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity.

Call for unity against Ukrainian-Russian oligarchs: Vitaliy Dudin of the Left Opposition in Kyiv and pro bono lawyer for the independent trade union Zakhyst Pratsi (Defence of Labour) says the workers have to unite against the oligarchs in whatever region they live.

Roma defy EDL (and Home Office): Even as Roma speakers addressed an audience at the United Against Fascism conference at the weekend on the rising frequency of attacks by neo-Nazi groups across Europe, the EDL were gathering in a menacing crowd outside the TUC HQ. By Grattan Puxon.

Only solidarity will save Ukraine! Statement by the socialist Left Opposition of Ukraine.

Anti-Gypsy politico heads Roma national strategy: Grattan Puxon looks at Eric Pickles' role in supporting and harassing Roma.

South Wales “syngas” plans gets cool reception: Days after David Cameron’s burst of enthusiastic support for the fossil fuel industry, proposals for a return to exploiting the South Wales coalfield drew a sceptical crowd to Burry Port’s Memorial Hall. Report by Gerry Gold.

Johnson's fire cuts will cost lives, FBU warns: The Clerkenwell station, which has been serving London for 140 years, is one of 10 that are being shut down as part of the cuts programme being pushed through by Boris Johnson and the government. Photo-report by Peter Arkell

Revolutionary independence – now that’s worth fighting for: The Scottish independence referendum provides us with an opportunity to draft a truly revolutionary constitution that challenges the existing state political system.

Police disrupt Roma civil rights: Police take money during 7 hour Taser armed raid of 74-year-old campaigner's home

Digging for democracy: Wigan’s free Diggers festival was a big success. Photo report.

Homeless London Roma hit back at harassment: Westminster City's notorious attempts to ethnically-cleanse Roma from billionaire Park Lane may have begun to unravel.

51st International Antiwar Assembly in Japan: A World to Win's message to antiwar assembly.

Reckless ‘extreme energy’ extraction climate apocalypse danger: Matt Worsdale reports from Camp Frack II held in Lancashire earlier this month [May 2013].

Firefighters say its mayor Johnson versus Londoners: The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has vowed to mobilise every firefighter at every fire station to defend London’s fire service.

Firefighters urge authority to resist mayor Johnson's cuts demand: The FBU has called on members of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority to resist a demand from the mayor of London, that they back down in their opposition to deep cuts in the London Fire Brigade.

Call for support: Towards an Agreement of the People for the 21st Century

By massacring Malian people, imperialists begin another round of bloodshed: Statement by Afghanistan Revolution Organization

Battersea adventure playgroundCommunity backs occupation to save adventure playground: The occupation of the Battersea Park Adventure playground in South London has won support from the community after local residents and activists from Occupy London moved to save it from the bulldozers. Photo-report by Peter Arkell.

RunnymedeModern Digger defending eco-camp against National Trust: Despite the appalling weather, Runnymede Eco villagers are determined to carry on camping right through the Christmas and the New Year in their struggle to defend ancient rights. Photo report by Peter Arkell.

Super rich are the real benefit scoungers: When David Payne wrote to his local MP about the shocking growth of food banks in Britain, his reply totally missed the point. So David wrote back, putting the record straight.

Friern Barnet People’s LibraryPeople’s Library defies Tory vandals: A People’s Library is up and running after Tory-controlled council closed Friern Barnet library. Photo report by Peter Arkell.

Dale Farm: celebration over partial victory: After twelve years of perpetual campaigning families at Dale Farm were celebrating following Basildon council's decision to grant planning permission for the building of a mobile-home park.

Remember the Hitler genocide that killed half-a-million Roma: On Friday a commemoration is taking place at the Hyde Park Holocaust Memorial, London, for the Roma who died as victims of the Nazi genocide. 31 July 2012

Editor who exposed racism faces extradition: Toma Nikolaev Mladenov faces possible extradition from UK.

Che’s daughter backs Miami 5 protest in London: Che Guevara’s daughter Aleida spoke passionately outside the American embassy in London in protest at the continued imprisonment of five Cubans who have been in US jails for the last 14 years.

Sparks fly as electricians fight pay cuts: Electricians involved in a bitter struggle with major contractors against plans to slash wages by 35%, will stage a protest at the Blackfriars station project in London this morning.

Time for a cross-border Intifada: The terror attack on southern Israel launched from Sinai in August is increasingly looking like a “black ops” initiative to divert attention away from Israel’s social crisis and stifle the popular uprising that brought 200,000 people on to the streets. Penny Cole reports.

22% - the unemployment rate for young people in Britain: 5 min Video

Lockerbie verdict falls apart

Egyptians urged to vote ‘No’ in referendum: Egyptians are being asked to approve amendments to the country’s constitution in a referendum on March 19. But the April 6 Youth Movement is urging people to vote “No”. The movement explains why.

London rally greets Mubarak overthrow

Fight the cuts - build People's Assemblies: Support the campaign.

Thousands march against murders on flotilla: Around 8,000 people marched in London on Saturday, to protest against the Israeli military piracy and murder of campaigners on the flotilla trying to break the Israel blockade against Palestinians in Gaza.

Lecturers strike against cuts: Hundreds of lecturers and students marched past Parliament yesterday protesting against massive cuts in education to a rally at Westminster.

Occupation, Occupation, Occupation!: Fiona Harrington reports on the recent occupation in Dublin by Thomas Cook employees.

Police shut down Big Green Gathering: The Big Green Gathering, a fixture in the alternative calendar, was due to return after two years this week. Its cancellation comes just days before gates were due to open.

RMT calls for show of strength to back Vestas workers: The RMT transport union has called for a show of strength from trade unionists and environmental campaigners in what will be a crucial week for the workers involved in the occupation to stop the closure of the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight.

Riot police occupy plant: Workers staging a sit-in at the soon-to-close Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight are being starved out by police.

Dale Farm eviction contract attracts notorious bailiffs: The UK’s most notorious anti-Gypsy security firm, responsible for the brutal Twin Oaks eviction in 2004, says it expects to take on the biggest clearance operation ever mounted against a village community in Britain in modern times.

Dale Farm stand tests Roma inclusion policy

Russia’s new ‘terror’ claims its victims
Bill Bowring salutes the courage of the human rights organisation, Memorial, which defends victims of state repression throughout the former Soviet Union. In December, approaching its 20th anniversary, Memorial itself became a target.

Carnage in Gaza

Hands off Gaza demo in London - 3 January 2009

Drawn into the spider’s web: A new report from the National Coalition for Independent Action explains how the contracting out of local authority services has drawn charities and community groups into a relationship that now threatens to strangle them.

Tottenham marches for unity: “Give Our Kids a Future” was the call on the main banner at the head of a 1000-strong march through Hackney and Tottenham in North London on Saturday in response to the riots and the arrests of 2,000 youth in London. Photo report by Peter Arkell

Real Democracy ‘a global movement’: Young Spaniards living in London gather every evening and at weekends in front of their embassy to campaign for the Real Democracy Now movement. A World to Win spoke to them.

Edinburgh solidarity with May 15th: More than 300 Spanish, Greek and Scottish people gathered outside St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh’s High Street to show solidarity with the May 15th movement. Photo report

Lambeth People’s Assembly launched: A ground-breaking inaugural meeting of the Lambeth People’s Assembly on Saturday pledged to fight every cut being made by the Coalition government and become a permanent rallying point which would link up with others around the country.

Tube strikes over victimised activists: Tube union RMT has announced strike dates on the London Underground after members voted by almost two to one for action in a ballot in on-going disputes over the victimisation of union activists.

Martelly: Haiti's second great disaster: Haiti's new president is a friend of coup-plotters, fascists, and armed right-wing groups in his country and abroad, writes historian and author, Greg Grandin

“Home guard” set to oppose Gypsy eviction

Celebrating International Roma Day in London: 8 April 2011

UN advisor condemns plans for forced eviction at Dale farm: Photo-story by Grattan Puxon

£18 million to evict 400 travellers: Tory-controlled Basildon Council would rather cut council jobs and services than let 400 travellers stay on a former scrap yard at Dale Farm.

No Redemption: Video interview with author David Peace and photographer Keith Pattison at King's Place art centre at the opening of an exhibition of photos from the miners' strike

RMT backs student protests: Transport union RMT has called on its members and the entire trade union movement to get out on the streets this week in full support of the student fees protests.

NATO’s Afghanistan plans condemned: The Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) group has condemned NATO’s plan to maintain forces in the country long after 2014 to prop up the puppet regime.

Inflation ravages Pakistani poor: Pakistan is grappling with the worst inflationary crisis in its history while millions are thrown out of work after privatisation of the public sector industries. From the Progressive Forum of Pakistan

Statement by Arhundati Roy: Arhundati Roy is threatened with arrest for calling for justice for Kashmiri people.

Democracy rally: photos and video

Anti-Gypsy racism alive in Essex too: While last minute attempts are being made to stave off the eviction operation at Dale Farm, it now looks certain that a violent confrontation is being forced upon residents by a merciless council. Grattan Puxon reports.

Travellers under pressure to abandon community living: A High Court protest is taking place outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Friday (24 Sept) between 11am and 12 noon in support of Matilda Boswell who is seeking a judicial review of Basildon's decision to evict her and other families still at Hovefields, Wickford. By Grattan Puxon

Bermuda Triangle of the Civil Service: Hastings, best known for the battle of 1066, saw trade unionists rally to support a fellow member at the weekend. Report by Fiona Harrington

Default now – we’ve nothing to lose but casino capitalism: If fighting the debt-inspired cuts is reduced to Robin Hood rearguard actions by individuals and unions, the response, no matter how brave, will be inadequate for the task, says Fawzi Ibrahim.

UK delays answering UN over Basildon evictions: While Foreign Secretary William Hague has yet to make known his response to the UN request to halt Gypsy evictions the bulldozers are lining up to crush more homes this month.

Basildon eviction: call for support: Notice of eviction has been served on some ten families at Hovefields, Wickford, near Dale Farm – depart by 31 August or face the bulldozers.

TUC urged to co-ordinate action against cuts - The RMT transport union has tabled a motion for the TUC Congress in Manchester in September for a co-ordinated trade union and community fight back against the cuts programme and the “class warfare” of the Coalition government.

RMT campaigns for jailed Iranian union leader - The transport union RMT has joined forces with British MPs and trade unionists around the globe to campaign for the release of imprisoned Iranian transport workers union leader Reza Shahabi.

High speed fears for West London - Massive local opposition put paid to the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport. But then a proposal for another huge transport development scheme is being foisted upon the area.

Labour council leader under fire - Southwark Council leader Peter John got more than he bargained for at a meeting called to organise opposition to public spending cuts.

Tolpuddle march - Photo report by Peter Arkell

UK gypsy homes bulldozed as UN deadline approaches - Bulldozers are at work demolishing Gypsy homes even as a UN deadline approaches for Britain’s reply to a demand that it call off the massive Dale Farm eviction operation. Report by Grattan Puxon

Dale Farm wait on relocation proposal - Travellers at Dale Farm, facing imminent eviction, await to find out whether the formation of the Lib-Con coalition will make a difference to their plans to move peacefully to another location they have found for themselves. Grattan Puxon reports.

Dale Farm: Who are these blokes? - The bloke who wanted to tear down our community centre and chapel at Dale Farm as an illegal structure is up in court now as an alleged thief and liar, one of four parliamentarians so far charged in Britain’s current furore that could see some Westminster politicians go to jail. By Grattan Puxon

Israel privatises the occupation - The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories has become a corporate grab of land and labour, with any claimed security, political or religious justifications nothing more than a smokescreen for profiteering.

Ireland on the March - Tens of thousands of Irish public sector workers are due to stage a one-day strike on November 24 against the pay cuts and the social impact of the government’s plans for massive spending cuts as a result of the global economic and financial crisis which brought an abrupt end to the Celtic Tiger boom.

Travellers’ genocide protest upsets Basildon council head - Residents at Dale Farm, facing the bulldozing of their homes, have asked to stage a combined Holocaust and anti-eviction exhibition in the town hall to mark UN Human Rights Day. Grattan Puxon reports.

Then they came for the gypsies - Grattan Puxon provides the latest report on Dale Farm.

Afghanistan - why the occupation is doomed to failure - Carlo Cristofori, of the International Committee for Solidarity with the Afghan Resistance, examines the deeper reasons why the US-UK occupation cannot succeed.

Israel begins sell-off of refugees' land - In a violation of international law and the refugees' property rights, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeili prime minister, forced through a revolutionary land reform which begins a process of creeping privatization of much of Israel's developed land, including refugee property reports Jonathan Cook.

Woodland defenders raided - Police have invaded Camp Titnore in Sussex and intimidated the protesters, who have been peacefully occupying the threatened Durrington woodland since 2006.

UK named as among worst for anti-gypsy evictions - Scores of protesting Gypsy mothers and their children have made a last-ditch effort to save their homes and their community from destruction by bulldozing.

Tourists say ‘no’ to climate change impacts - Pamela Null, who is making a documentary in India, tells how she was bemused and shocked by the attitude of some tourists.

Stop UK ethnic cleansing - Gypsy families and their supporters were due to rally outside the town hall in Basildon urging a freeze on the council’s forced eviction plans.

Postal strikes as Royal Mail refuses to negotiate - Thousands of postal workers go on strike this Friday, Saturday and Monday in defence of jobs and pay.

Firefighters ready for action as talks breakdown - London firefighters are set to commence industrial action next week after talks aimed at averting a dispute ended in deadlock. The union will announce its ballot result on 6 August, and senior officials say they are expecting a big “yes” vote.

Foreclosed and evicted in Oakland - Despite billions of dollars from the federal government, American banks are still turning thousands of people out of their homes.

Riot police occupied plant - Workers staging a sit-in at the soon-to-close Vestas wind turbine plant on the Isle of Wight are being starved out by police.

Dale Farm eviction contract attracts notorious bailiffs

Gypsies, Travellers and the United Nations at the House of Lords

Dale Farm stand tests Roma inclusion policy

Russia’s new ‘terror’ claims its victims

Carnage in Gaza

Dale Farm travellers face racism and prejudice as court mulls appeal

Terror police swoop on Dale Farm wedding

No room at the inn for Essex gypsies

The struggle to free Mumia continues

Teachers ‘have been betrayed’: The National Union of Teachers has called off further industrial action over pay.

Kidnap threat to Gypsy children: Gypsy council leader Grattan Puxon warns of threat to Dale Farm children.

“Laghman terrorists, let us see them”: A cry of pain and resistance from Left Radical of Afghanistan.

Release Mehmet Bal: A World to Win joins campaign to demand release of Mehmet Bal, arrested in Turkey on 8 June.

Zimbabwe: Election controversy spills over into union repression

Suicides mount as farm crisis sweeps India - At least 200,000 farmers have killed themselves in India in the last 12 years as government’s have imposed policies suited to the global market on poor regions of the country a new report shows.

Urgent! Appeal Denied

Mumia Abu-Jamal faces death penalty or life imprisonment

Free Mumia Now

Common Call for a Transnational Chain of Migration Related Actions In the “heart of the monster” - Fighting the borderregime! Transnationalization now!

Burmese crackdown continues - Brutal political repression continues in Burma as blogger Nay Phone Latt mysteriously vanished last week after being arrested by police. Campaigners on behalf of political prisoners have said that over 700 people have been added to those languishing in Burmese jails since the dramatic Buddhist-led protests last September.

Haitian lawyers are calling for action to save the life of Dr. Maryse Narcisse who was kidnapped by armed men: 29 October 2007

Call for International Day of Action Against Immigration Prisons

Palestinians back boycott - Delegates at the first conference of the new University and College Union in Bournemouth voted by 158 to 99 for "a comprehensive and consistent boycott" of all Israeli academic institutions, as called for by Palestinian trade unions in response to Israel's "40-year occupation" of Palestinian land.

Your ‘British Values’ are alien to our Human Values - an open letter to Tony Blair from asylum seeker George Mwangi

TGWU call for action to support migrant cleaners

A future with justice - statement by MOSOP UK on the 11th anniversary of the judicial murder of the Ogoni 9

Zimbabwean General Strike

Nazi law used to block back-pay fight

My life in Gaza

Hands off our park!

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